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Home tutor required near Range road – Qasim Market Rawalpindi

Are you in search of a qualified and experienced home-online tutor near the bustling Range Road – Qasim Market area in Rawalpindi? Look no further than LIONS Home Tutors & Academy! Our unwavering commitment to parents and dedication to personalized learning have ushered countless students towards academic success and beyond. With a team of distinguished tutors and an individualized learning approach, we ensure that your child receives the tailored support they need to flourish in their studies. Call Dr. Babar at +92 332 8200082 today and avail of our ONE-DAY FREE trial class.

Why Opt for LIONS Home Tutors & Academy?

Expertise of Seasoned Professionals: Our tutors are luminaries in their respective fields, adorned with degrees and certifications from prestigious institutions. You can be confident that your child will receive instruction from proficient individuals.

Vast Pedagogical Experience: Backed by years of experience, our tutors adeptly address diverse learning challenges and employ a plethora of teaching methodologies to cater to various learning styles.

Tailoring Learning to Perfection: We recognize that every child is a unique learner, prompting our tutors to adapt their teaching methods to suit individual requirements, thus nurturing better understanding and retention.

Fostering an Engaging and Supportive Atmosphere: Our tutors are adept at cultivating a positive and motivating learning environment, which not only bolsters a child’s self-assurance but also ignites a genuine passion for learning.

Call to Action: Empower your child’s educational journey with personalized attention, expert guidance, and heightened self-assurance. Get in touch with us at +92 332 8200082 to discuss your child’s educational needs and to schedule an enriching tutoring session.

The Array of Offerings atLIONS Home Tutors & Academy:

AtLIONS Home Tutors & Academywe proudly extend our academic expertise to a broad spectrum of subjects and educational levels, encompassing O level, A level, IB, IGCSE, GCE, Edexcel, 9th, 10th, FSc, Grade 1-8, Pre 9th, spoken English, IELTS, Montessori, PG, Nur, KG, CSS, PMS, ACCA, CA, CSS, PMS, SAT, GRE, MDCAT, ECAT, NET, Computer Courses, Calligraphy, and any educational course you can think of. Our accomplished tutors lead the way to excellence in every domain.

Meet Our Esteemed Tutors:

Our roster of distinguished educators includes luminaries who have excelled in their respective fields:

  • Dr. Yasir – PhD in Economics
  • Dr. Waseem – PhD in Accounting
  • Dr. Atif – PhD in Physics
  • Dr. Nasir – PhD in Mathematics
  • Dr. Zia – PhD in Accounting
  • Dr. Adnan – PhD in Mathematics
  • Dr. Shujhat – PhD in Statistics
  • Dr. Atif – PhD in Physics, The Science School tutor
  • Dr. Zulfiqar – PhD in Biochemistry
  • Dr. Ghulam Mohidin – PhD in Biochemistry
  • Dr. Khadija – PhD in Biochemistry
  • Dr. Suleman – PhD in Mathematics
  • Miss Nazia – APS Principal, MPhil in Chemistry
  • Sir Naveed – MPhil in Biochemistry, Beaconhouse, Roots
  • Miss Maryum – APS tutor, MSc in Chemistry
  • Miss Ramsha Munir – MPhil in English
  • Sir Imran – MPhil in English, Roots tutor
  • Miss Maria – MPhil in Chemistry, Roots tutor
  • Miss Momina – BSc in Chemistry
  • Miss Sadia – APS tutor, MSc in Chemistry
  • Miss Marukh – APS tutor, MSc in Economics and LLB
  • Miss Aliya – Beaconhouse tutor, MPhil in Mathematics
  • Miss Tehreem – The City School tutor, MS in Computer
  • Sir Atif – APS tutor, MPhil in Physics
  • Sir Nawaz – APS tutor, MSc in Mathematics
  • Sir Akbar – Beaconhouse tutor, MSc in Computer
  • Miss Asma – MSc in Zoology
  • Sir Irfan – MSc in Physics
  • Miss Nazia – APS Principal, MPhil in Chemistry
  • Sir Abrar – MSc in Chemistry, SLO Expert
  • Sir Imran – MA in English
  • Miss Kishawar – MPhil in Urdu, APS tutor

Embark on the Journey to Success:

Do not let your child miss out on the opportunity to thrive academically. Contact LIONS Home Tutors & Academy today and set your child on a path towards educational triumph.

Visit our website https:/LIONS Home Tutors & Academy.com/ to explore the entirety of our home-online tutoring services and to witness the transformative impact we can bring to your child’s educational odyssey.


“We extend boundless gratitude to this tutoring service for their invaluable assistance. Thanks to their unwavering dedication and unwavering support, our son accomplished an outstanding feat in his O level exams – 8 A*s! Their teaching methods and personalized attention truly made a difference in his learning journey. We are overjoyed with his progress and wholeheartedly recommend their services to any parent seeking to enhance their child’s education. Thank you!” – Mahnoor’s Father

“Words fall short in expressing our elation over the accomplishments of our son, Abdullah, under the guidance of this tutoring service. He didn’t just excel, but emerged as the top performer in the entire board! The tutors here possess not only knowledge but also the prowess to inspire and motivate students. They built an unshakable bond with Abdullah and aided him in gaining confidence in his abilities. We are exceedingly proud of him, and a substantial part of his success is attributed to this exceptional tutoring team. Our highest recommendations!” – Abdullah’s Father

Seize the opportunity to kindle the flames of academic excellence in your child. Contact LIONS Home Tutors & Academy now and embark on a journey towards educational triumph!