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female home tutor for grade 9-10 in Lahore

Rabia Zahoor has successfully completed her Bachelor’s degree and is currently pursuing her MPhil, currently in the 2nd semester. She is currently working as a home tutor in Park View.

Rabia offers her tutoring services to students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. Through her dedication and hard work, she has achieved good results, with one of her students, Fatima, scoring an impressive 95% in her matriculation exams.

With her experience and expertise, Rabia specializes in teaching a range of subjects, including Class 1-8, Pre 9th – 9th -10th, FSc- ICS- FA – ICOM, and BSC / BSc / BS. She is available for home tutoring in various areas, including Nawab Town, Park View, Sultan Town, Ali Town, Judicial, Airline, Architect areas, and Johar/Model/Iqbal Town – Valencia in Lahore.

Rabia’s commitment to education and her ability to help students excel make her a reliable and experienced tutor for a wide range of subjects and grade levels.