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Home tutor for O level English in Islamabad

Home tutor for O level English in Islamabad. MA (English) MA (IR) CSS-Qualifier 2008. My optional subjects in CSS: European History
International Relations, Constitutional Law, Sociology. I have 13 years teaching experience of O and A Level. My major subjects are English, History, Geo, Islamiat, Udu, Sociology, Media Studies and World History. Besides, I also have experience teaching CSS and PMS preparatory classes as well as SAT (Eng) IELTS and Spoken English. Suitable areas for tuition are F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, E-11, G-8,G9,G10,G11, Diplomatic Enclave, Minster Enclave, and Parliament Lodges.
On weekend means Friday, Saturday and Sunday I can teach in Bahria 1-6, PWD, Police Foundation, Media Town, Soan Garden, Jinnah Garden.