Home tutor in Orchard Scheme Islamabad

Home tutor in Orchard Scheme Islamabad. Very Experienced tutor for IB cambridge pre o level – o level sir Nawaz in Islamabad.

✔ I have been teaching home tutions for the last 20 years

✔ I have taught in pak turk Bahria college imperial international school and college

✔I am doing visiting lecture in different schools like froebel, beacon house and city school

✔I am taking classes O level in these school further my particular subjects are mathematics,physics and statistics the results

✔ My results have been outstanding and meet parents’ expectations.

✔I can Produce A+.These are the following things you need to complete to fully prepare yourself for the exam .Do one chapter at time. 1.work through chapter.you can ask the teacher using the internet.2.Complete the chapter and review all the questions. 3.Complete around 10 exam questions per topic for that chapter.these can be found on save my exam.4.Then complete the full past paper.I recommend completing around15 full past papers before the actual exam. Do the first five papers with notes.the next 5 without notes and the last 5 in complete exam conditions.

✔I have full material regarding cadet college preparation.I am available for the teaching.

✔I am available for online tutoring and one to one classes in the following areas: F10,F11,E11,E10,F6,F7,E7, Orchard Scheme Islamabad.

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Ramsha sarfraz here. I have been teaching learners of this grade from last 7 years. I have outstanding results record and always meet the parent expectations. This tuition is feasible for me as i’m living in orchard scheme.

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