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Home tutor in Lahore

Muhammad Shahbaz is a highly qualified and experienced home tutor in Lahore who specializes in Physics. With an impressive academic background, including a Master of Philosophy in Solid-State Physics, and work experience in various physics labs, he has the skills and knowledge to guide students in the subject. He is also fluent in Punjabi, Urdu, and English and has proficiency in using several digital tools. Additionally, he has worked as a Physics Lecturer at Superior College Multan and has developed his leadership skills through organizing events at university and college levels. He has also attended several conferences and seminars related to Physics, demonstrating his passion for the subject.

Home tutor Muhammad Shahbaz

Are you in search of a home tutor to help your child in their studies? Look no further than Muhammad Shahbaz! With his strong academic background and work experience in Physics, he is an excellent choice to guide students in this subject.

About Me

Muhammad Shahbaz is a highly motivated and passionate individual with a keen interest in research. He is always striving to learn and grow as a professional in his field. Working in a healthy, innovative, and challenging environment is what he aspires for, as it provides him with the best opportunities to explore and conduct research.

Work Experience

Muhammad Shahbaz has worked in several physics labs, including Laser and Optronics, Laser Plasma, Laser Ablation, Light Matter Interaction, Laser Irradiation on Metal Alloys, Laser Irradiation Biomolecules, Surface Modification, Thin Film Technology, and Analogue and Digital Electronics. His exposure to different labs has equipped him with various techniques such as Laser Surface Modification, Laser Plasma, Laser Ablation, Laser Spectroscopy, Laser Imaging, Laser Irradiation, Solid-state Technique, Quartz Crystal Microbalance, Vickers Hardness, Optical Microscopy, and Scanning Electron Microscopy.

Academic Background

Muhammad Shahbaz has an impressive academic record. He completed his Master of Philosophy in Solid-State Physics from the University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan, with a final grade of 3.74/4.00 (Grade A). His Master’s thesis was on “Hardening of Aluminum-2080 alloy by using Nd: YAG Pulsed laser.” Before that, he completed his Bachelor’s in Physics from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan, with a final grade of CGPA (3.28/4.00) (Grade A). He also has a secondary education degree from BISE DG Khan Board, where he achieved a grade of 946/1100 (Grade A), and a higher secondary education degree from the same board, where he achieved a grade of 880/1100 (Grade A).


Muhammad Shahbaz is currently working on a research paper under the review of his supervisor. The title of the research paper has not been finalized yet.

Language Skills

Muhammad Shahbaz is fluent in Punjabi, Urdu, and English. He has excellent listening, reading, writing, spoken production, and spoken interaction skills in English, with a B2 proficiency level.

Digital Skills

Muhammad Shahbaz is proficient in using several digital tools, including GraphPad PRISM, Image J, MS Office (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS), MATLAB, EndNote, Origin, and Che sketch.

Educational Experience

Muhammad Shahbaz has also worked as a Physics Lecturer at Superior College Multan, where he presented the major facts, principles, or fundamentals of Physics to secondary school students. He aimed to express scientific attitudes and appreciation, identify the nature of science, and identify scientific interests and career development opportunities for his students.

Management and Leadership Skills

Muhammad Shahbaz has developed his leadership skills by organizing annual dinners and functions at the university as a class representative. He has also organized annual farewell and welcome parties at college as a management head.

Conferences and Seminars

Muhammad Shahbaz has attended several conferences and seminars related to Physics, including the 5th National Symposium on Laser Matter Interaction (LMI) organized by the National Center for Physics (NCP) in Islamabad, Pakistan. He has also attended the 1st International Conference on Applied Physics & Engineering (ICAPE 2021) organized by the Department of Physics NED University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi, Pakistan, the International Workshop