Terms and Conditions

By registering on our website as student/tutor, you agree to these terms and conditions

1. Tutor must go through the posted job requirements if applicable then apply. If class in not finalized by any reason, then tutor is not applicable for acquiring free tuitions.

2. Upon receiving tuition call from academy, Tutor need to be contacted /approached to the client within half hour to verify details/visit timing and provides feedback instantly to the Academy.

3. After meeting if class finalized / rejected then tutor must give his/her feedback to the intuition (filling the form and verbal communication).

4. As a tutor you’re expected to be punctual and keep skilled conduct.

5. Tutors are advised not to pass on teaching vacancy to 3rd party or any person without our consent.

6. If for any reason, the Tuition is stopped, Tutor must have to inform The Academy immediately.

7.Tutoring term ends on 30th June, in case of continuation subject terms & conditions applied/renewed from 1st July.

8. LIONS Home Tutors provides Tutoring Services on the idea of “Utmost straightness Principal”.

9. All registered TUTORS are suggested to tell The Academy if they’re found/offered the other assignment from the same client.

10. LIONS Home Tutors won’t be accountable any loss if any home tuition breaks off at any stage because of the unskillfulness, incompetence or because of any other reason on Tutor part.

11. LIONS Home Tutors has the rights to suspend or terminate tutors’ registration at any time if, in our view, there has been a breach of the contract.

12. Any plan to cheat/deprive or direct contacting the client, Academy will have right to ban or blacklisted your name from LIONS Home Tutors as well as all other academies.

13. We aren’t accountable for any quite loss, injury accident cause whereas tutoring services, female Tutors are suggested to do visit first time with their any relative/ colleagues.

14. LIONS Home Tutors does not give guarantee to tutor to provide student/tuition job.

15. Tutors are not employers with LIONS Home Tutors. He is responsible for all his acts.

16. We don’t provide any experience certificate to tutors for their teaching home tuition.

17. In case of rejection paid packages will not be refundable.

18. Institute is not responsible of any lose ( any dispute )

19. Payment There are three possibilities

One time charges only

a).  More than two-month class = 50% Payable

b). In between one and two month= 35% Payable

c). One or Less than one month class = 25% Payable

20. Processing Fee is 1000 then candidate is applicable for acquiring the class.