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✅ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Dr. Babar 😇 📞 +923328200082 | پاکستان کا سب سے بڑا ہوم ٹیوٹرز نیٹ ورک | One Day Free Trial | we provide home-tutor-required-for-online-english

The Rising Stars!

Miss Zara -Board Topper
Presidency Award
Board Topper - Presidency Award
Syed Ayan
Board Topper
Board Topper
Hammad Safi
Motivational Speaker
Raziya Karim- Top in the World
English Literature
Capt. Dr. Shazeen
Board Topper
Capt Umer
Army officer
Abdullah Waseem
Board Topper
Capt. Hamza
Army Officer with 92
Capt. Dr. Abdullah
Army Officer with 94%

Meet the Professionals!

O/ Level Business Group Expert
O/A Level Expert Economics
Dr. Adnan
O/A Level Maths Expert
Miss Nazia - O/A Level Expert
APS Trainer
Sir Nawaz O Level Expert
Cambridge Expert
Dr.Zulfiqar O/A Level Expert
Cambridge Expert
Sir Faisal- O/A Level Expert
MS Finance - Expert
Dr.Asim -O/A Expert
Cambridge Expert
Sir Adeel-- Roots Tutor
fsc Board Exams Expert
Miss Tehreem O/A Level Expert
The City School Tutor
Miss Maham - Roots Tutor
M.Phil Bio-Chemistry O/A Level Expert
O/A Level Accounting Expert
Miss Hira - Montessori Expert Tutor
Beacon house Tutor
Miss Rutaab- Mphil Bio Lecturer
Fsc, 9-10 Expert
Miss Maria- Roots O/A Level Tutor
Mphil Chemistry
Miss Uswa - O/A Level
ACCA- Tutor
Miss Ammarah - Beaconhouse Tutor
Msc Chemistry - Junior Expert
Prof Malik Sadif - Gold Medalist MDCAT-ECAT Expert
Mphil Biology- KIPS
Miss Simwail
BCS- 9-10 Tutor
Miss Shameen - Junior- 9- 10 Expert
BS doctor of Medical Lab
Prof Hassan - Fsc Expert
Superior College
Mehwish O Level Expert in Islamamabd
Montessori Expert
Sir Imtiaz- O level Expert
The City School Experinced Tutor
SIr Zeeshan- O/A and SAT Expert
Westminster Tutor
Sir Aslam - MSc Physics -- Fsc Expert
The City School Tutor
Miss Rameeza Msc Bio
Fsc - 9- 10 Expert
Miss Mahrukh O level Expert
Home Tutor for O level in Islamabad
Miss Irum - APS English Tutor
English Spoken Expert
Sir Imran A level Psychology Expert
A Level Experienced Tutor
Sir Zohaib- Msc Chemistry
Fsc and O/A Level Expert
Miss Naval O Level Expert
O Level Expert in Islamabad


✅ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Dr. Babar 😇 📞 +923328200082 | پاکستان کا سب سے بڑا ہوم ٹیوٹرز نیٹ ورک | One Day Free Trial | we provide home-tutor-required-for-online-english


Parents can Call Only


Book a Tutor

How to Apply?

Please Note that scroll down at the end of the page then u will see comment section ( There reply the following answers )

a). Details answer required where needed.
1.Expected fee at least at which this class suits you
2.distance from tutor home or near by class.
3.experience for this class. Write detailed experienced

( Comprehensive comments raise the chances of the selection ).?

b).Share comment screenshot on the WhatsApp

How Tutor is selected?

Our Team observe the following.

Selection Criteria

  1. Parents requirements
  2. Tutor distance
  3. Tutor Fee
  4. Tutor Experienced
  5. Tutor Relevancy
  6. Previous track record
  7. Tutor compatibility with the parents


Dr. Babar Educationist. Contact us we are Professional. home-tutor-required-for-online-english. All the subjects are handled quite technically under qualified and experienced male and female home teachers. Our special focus is centered upon core concept and also we work on spoken English for your child’s future needs. Our tutors are expert in remedial classes to enhanced the capabilities of the students. The best part of LIONS Home tutors is that we give FREE only day Trial class and on the same day tutor discuss reports to the parents. Our Team work on day to day assessment. We provide Home Tutor for Class 10 across the Pakistan. LIONS Home Tutors is the No.1 Home Tutor network. Get professional, trusted, reliable and affordable tutor. Best way to get A plus. Alumni. Army Officers, board toppers, doctors and engineers. Contact Us Today For Details

Home Tuition

LIONS Home Tutors provide home tuition to all grades/classes/area across the Pakistan.

▶LIONS Home Tutors

(1) Parents
📢Do you need a #Home​ #Tutors​ to improve your grades.
(i) Trusted and Professional Home Tutors provider digital network.
(ii) No Registration fee.
(iii) Get a free demo class.
(iv) We believe in Quality.

(2) For Tutors
📢Are you looking for #Students​.
🔸We don’t charge high like other institutions.
🔸We have special offers for senior tutors.
🔸Tutors will get tuition in no time.

➡Our specialty.
(1) Professional tutors.
(2) Genuine tutors.
(3) Well experienced tutors.

➡We provide home tutors for
🔸Montessori to grade 12th.
🔸FSC, F.A, I COM, I,C,S.
🔸O/A Levels
(3)Tutors for All Subjects.

➡Our Services
🔸Academic Home tutors.
🔸Crash courses.
🔸Competative exams.
🔸Computer courses.
🔸Compartment exams.
🔸Group classes.
🔸Online Tutors.
🔸Language tutors.

➡To get Registered or for more details visit us
➡Contact us
🔸Call us. 0332-8200082
🔸WhatsApp. 0332-8200082

➡Our service #Locations​

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Dr. Babar 03328200082 | پاکستان کا سب سے بڑا ہوم ٹیوٹرز نیٹ ورک | One Day Free Trial |

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