Following are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-LIONS Home Tutors in Islamabad / Lahore / Karachi / Rawalpindi / Pakistan, that may help you better understand our services and how we “www.lions-home-tutors.com” operates:

What is the registration Fee at lions-home-tutors?

Rs. O

How to apply for registration?

simply the tutors male/female fill an online registration form. Available at the link below.

Whats the next procedure?

LIONS home Tutors team go through the form , if all information is correct then Tutor is added to the registered group, there we alot classes to the registered members.

When the new tutor get Tuition classes? What is procedure to a-lot the new class?

Respected team ! we as LIONS Home Tutors are the facilitator among parents and tutors. But keep in mind that parents demand is very important.
For allotting any class we go through the following points.
1. We believe in merit. we check tutor application against each class ( for which tutor applied or class which suits to the tutors. )
2. We match parents demands with the tutor experience and qualification. We also see the distance from tutor residence. Tutor fee demands and parents paying capacity.
3. Mostly we alot classes to the first 2 or 3 applicant. Sometime most experienced tutors apply late for the class but at that time that class is booked. So all applicant goes null and void for that class because it is booked already before their applied.
4. Case Study 1
When parents demand that female is required for their daughters?
in that case how we send that class to the male tutor.
5. Case study 2
When Parents demand that send a mature and very experienced tutor . Because parents has experienced fresh candidates which results zero.
In this case we don’t take any risk , we only send mature tutor that is tested by our institution.
6. Case study 3
When Parents demand that send a tutor whose budget is low. experienced don’t matters.
In this case we send the fresh or less experienced tutor.

Institution Requirement?

We demand that be professional and punctual when you get the class. Auto feedback after the meeting is required.

When a tutor see a class in the group then what should he do?

If the tutor see any class if it suits him/her. Then apply he/she apply for that class, then inform to the Dr.Babar | +923328200082 | through whats app text.

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Home Tutor in Islamabad

Dr.Babar | +923328200082 | LIONS home Tutors provide home tutor in Islamabad.

Home Tutor in Lahore

Dr.Babar | +923328200082 | LIONS home Tutors provide home tutor in Lahore.

Home Tutor in Karachi

Dr.Babar | +923328200082 | LIONS home Tutors provide home tutor in Karachi.

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Home Tutor jobs

Home Tutor jobs

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