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Form Responses 1 Extended

Tutor NameAchievements ( Students ) than tutor
Shakoor AhmadNA
Salman Mohi Ud Dinrecently taught HSSC classes in govt college and hopefully they will get good scores
Sammar BashirMy recent students got A* in A Level Edexcel (UK)
Faseeha Bintay SaleemMy student from FG school in grade 10th secured 3rd position in FBISE.
Muhammad Farhan1) Ahmed, one of his former students, secured 5 A* in his O levels. 2) Ubaid, one of his student for a month for suplementry exams and Improved by 30 Marks in two subjects. 3) Yahya a student of him in D2 mathematics stood first in class. 4) Ayan, a student of Pre O level got 2nd position in APS Chaklala Cant.
Adeel AfzalProudly Students who secured more than 90% Ayesha khan, Malik Haseeb ,
Shahzad Hassan iqbalTaking each student as prior project ..dealt with keen excellence to become the best being ..my previous students are proving themselves as much beneficial in various fields ..as can be ..
Dr.Babarabdullah Board topper
Dr.BabarBoard Toppers, Army Officers, Doctors
Ujala TauseefOne of my student of Grade 5th Subhan Mujeeb scored 94% marks in his annual term. My other student Zain scored 91% marks in his annual term of 7th class. My pre O level studen Emaan Kiyani scored straight A’s in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.
Muhammad Ali AjmalMy Student Sami in Beaconhouse Margalla campus got 1st position
Yousuf AnwarMy student scored 96% in matric.also another student of mine daud scored 89% in matric.
Naveed Iqbal100+ students got A* in O/A level
Sana sikanderMy all students satisfied nd getting excellent scores MashAllah
Hafiz Noor Ul HassanMy student name jeweria got 92 percent in matric and 2nd one Naaz got 91 percent in matric
Waqas KhalidMy students have managed to achieve very good grades at their respective academic levels.
Hassan RehmanOne of my student named Anish a O level get A+ grades in all subjects. Another student named Shah wali secure 93% marks in his Fsc exams.
Ajmal AzizN/A
Haroon MusaI have very vast experience in teaching and my track record of teaching is very good, One of my student secured 88% marks in Matriculation.
Sadaqat HussainAyesha Nasir one of the former student secured 1092/1100 in board exam and another student Wajiha Kamran secured 96% in my subject
Anees Ur RehmanIn school many of my students het A+ Grades
Qaiser Sultanstudent named Umair managed to score impressive marks in his matric exams.
Muhammad sajawalI have taught many students in my life during teaching journey, Alhamdulillah my students are enrolled in universities and many of them got a good position in their professional life.
Muhammad ShahrozFrom recent class 9 results, my student Muhammad Asim, got 93% marks while my other student whom I taught Chemistry, secured 63 out of 65 marks.
Qalandar AbbasMashallh
Shabnam zaheerMahnoor she got 100% marks in ksa uni
Tehseen IrshadAll my students secure more than 80% marks and not a single student failed so far in my more than 5 year’s career as a Tutor.
Muhammad Abdur RehmanMy students often gets positions in class
Hafiz Bahloul AjmeriMultiple students achieved A stars in subjects i taught
Israr YounasNil
Sadaf AijazStudents of tutor Sadaf hold prominent positions in Primary and Middle School.
Zukhraf JavidAs a teacher my proudest achievements include witnessing improvements in students grades and understanding of concepts. Many of my students are topper of their classes
Summyia ShahdamNill
Syed Waqar Hussain KazmiYes many students have got the best scored after taking my home academy. Alhamdulilah I am polishing students not only the academics as well as co-curricular activities.
Muhammad NawazUmer Munir 95percen in his FSC
Nehala NazWhat’s impressive is that Nehala naz has a fantastic success track record. Many of my students have achieved great results under his guidance. I takes pride in helping my students to improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Rabeel one of my students, secured the highest marks in her 9th board exams. Another student named Maryiem managed to score an impressive 71% in her FSc exams
Muhammad AkhtarMy students secured 90% mark’s
Muhammad warisMashallah good track record
Imama AdilHelping students in understanding the concept
Muhammad Bilal WaseemGood results
Musharaf AliMy student Amna got 1005 marks in federal board.
Usama AsifMy last session students of matric get 80% marks and above 70 marks out of 75 in math subject and FSc, ICs students get 85 plus marks in both phy and math subjects and BSc and Msc students also get good marks.
Fatima-Tu-ZahraMy student Asma scores 96% in 9th class and her name come in top 5 student of her school , my student horain scores 94% in 9th , and my student sohaima scores 92% in her matric exams
Zartashy gullI would like to mention here my achievement that is I taught approx 200 students of matriculation and proudly saying they all gave 100 percent result in my subject.and the second one . As everybody nows presentation plays an excellent role in every feild of life so i teach my students how to present a paper according to the requirement of checker.so that students can improve their grades as well
Shanza honeynone
Muhammad AhmedRecently my both students got A+
Misbah ChaudharyProud to be a Honest Teacher
ALI HaidarMost of students secure full marks .
Muhammad Haseeb ur RehmanStudent named Zeeshan got 89% marks in Matriculation.
Muhammad Usman ZafarAsad one of my students, got high grade in numerical analysis in UMT university
Muhammad Zubair1 Ahsan,one of my former student, secured the 87.4%. 2.Rihan Bilal, secured 85% in his board Exams.
Muhammad Nasir Uppal1. Former students are studying in America and the results of other students is 100%
Zara YousafZara helps students improve their creative writing, critical thinking and guide them in improving their grades and reach their academic goals.
Muneeb ur RehmanA* guaranteed. 220A* so far.
M. ShahzadMore than 80 percent in fedralboard and pindi baord
Mahnoor SyedI don’t think so studies is related to getting marks .Its about getting knowledge and learning new things .So ,I am not just going to stress the child for the marks I just try to made him/her fall in love with what they are studying .
Asma AsifI am a hard working and will provide good results. I will make sure that my student have a improved and clear concept of what he or she is learning and how and why it works that way.
AbdullahI am starting my tutoring journey right now I have secured 89.1% marks in my last examinations
Hadia Malikalhumdulilah im facilitating my students with my teaching skill one of my fsc student got admission in giki.
HiraTop positions in board
Sania AbidI tutored Sualiha from grade 9th till FSC and she got scholarship in BS from a well known university in NEW YORK. Another student got 96%marks in matric federal board and 93% marks in FSc
Mobeen AsgharAsbeel tanvir got 1021 marks in matric
Muhammad HassanHassan good in mathematics
Zartasha ImranI try my best ..one of my student get good marks
Sania Habib1. Three of my Students gets top position in their board exams. 2: All My Students always get A+ and A Grade Alhamdulillah..
Saeed Ur RehmanI am teaching in secondary school and students perform exceptionally well in my subjects i.e Maths and Physics
Maria YounusI secured 79% (A-Grade) in FSC also Working with different NGOs right now (HOPES-help of patient in exigency by STUDENTS-KMDC) and currently working as a marketing executive in KUPCS
Ahmad Raza AbbasI helps students in grasping the core concepts of engineering subjects
Usama Ahmad IqbalMy matric students secure 90% and above marks and my fsc students secure 90% in their exams and my junior class students also secure high grade in their classes.
Miss Mehreen AbbasiMy CAIE grades students achieved 100% passing grades with 85% A & A* grades in Pakistan Studies. One of my students secured 1st position in O Level History in the world.
Qamar AbbasMy Student Haram Got 1059 marks in Matric
Dr. Muhammad AshfaqOne of my student from askari 8 got straight A in physics chemistry and biology
AyeshaTeachers consistancy in teaching
Faran Shakeel1- Rahimeen( My Student in US) got admission in John Hopkins University. 2- Uzair from Uk Got admission for in Stanford university. I’ve got lots of stories of narrate but I presume my impression on you should be based on a demo class? Right? Get enrolled!
SanaMy Students getting better with me than their previous style of learning and seeking, I can proudly say that I take them towards betterment
Sadia SheikhI got A+ Grade in matric and I.C.S . I have been a brilliant student of my class.
Muhammad Shurahbeel Bin SajidRecently my student from Kuwait secured 2nd position in class.
Nabeel Ahmed
MahjabeenCan’t understand
Muhammad ZubairAchieved many student great position in term of GAT test medical college test etc
Sawaira FatimaMy student scored 80% in her olevel class.
Abdul Rehman1 In matric my student get 1019 marks 2023. 2 Also my students gets 922 marks in matric 2023
Abdul subhanTwo students got position in fsc
Muhammad Zain KhanZain teaches in a academy whose all students got passed in Matriculation and one of the student gets 94% marks
Muhammad FarjadI teach in different institutes
hasnain ashrafi have mostly taught hoe tuitions and have experience of teaching well.
Musawar SultanOne of my students of class 9th score 85%
Arooj Abbas.
Fatima noreenMy name is fatima completed my graduation in maths 1) my first student was afeerah she got 85% in 9th class 2)my second student was zainab she got 90% in 8th class in pinjab school walton road campus 2) Ali got 87% in class 3 from lgs school 4)ayan got 80% in class 6 from cresent school shadman branch 5)fadiya got 89% in 10th class and ayan was her brother he got 93% in 7tb class from kips school7
Rabbia SohailAlhamdolilah my all students got highest grade no one failed
M UmarMy student Ammar pervaiz managed ti score an impressive 98 % in his 10th exam
Muhammad Huzaifa ImranAll of my students in every O level session has secured As in yhe subjects I have taught them for the last 5 years
Ihsan UllahYes
Ahmed Mazhoor AshrafAbdulHaseeb got 94.5% in Matric Exams.
Jaffer Waleed Bhatti1- I’m currently teaching a student of class 7th (Cambridge course) before my joining he failed first term Maths exams after I started teaching him,now in final he got 82% 2- I taught two students of FSc pre engineering last year all praise to Allah they secured more than 85% in their board exams 3- I also thought O-level student (subject Physic Maths and Chemistry) and he secured above 90%
Muhammad IftikharShahzaib has obtained 90% marks in matric and 85% in intermediate
Shamim Nargis85% students of shamim nargis secure A* in CAIE’S
Aroosa NisarI will do my best
MUHAMMAD KAMIL ABBASINoor Ul Huda from Rawalpindi Board achieved 1060 out of 1100 marks in her F.Sc
Makhdoom Uzair Hashmi1.I am in the top 40’s of my matriculation board exams and I have also received talent scholarship from board. 2. I have cleared NMDCAT exam and among the few students who have secured seat in government medical colleges on merit in the first attempt.
ZEESHAN ASHRAFMy unlucky student passed his Exam after studying 1 month unsder my consideration .Because he had a medical issue due to bike accident .
Syed Uzair Shahid AliNot as such the
Muhammad Junaid EllahiServed in Pakistan Army as Captain (BS-17)
Hafiz Talha Arif ZuberiI had started my teaching career in 2014 through academy I taught many of students after that I joined a college and when I came to islamabad I started home tuition last yeas I taught two students 1. Hammad 9th class and he got 89% 2. Usama 1st year he got 85% I taught both of them for last 3 months
Hina NazI’m teaching online from last 3 years.. I’m top tutor of fahads tutor academy
Muhammad TalhaMashaAllah!
Muhammad RayanAiman Shehzad, one of my student, managed to score an impressive things 97% in her matric.
Ali Hassanmy youngest brother high score in math fsc
Talha ZubairAlhamdullilah one of my student has scored 1072 marks in multan board this year 2023.
Aamir NawazStudents named subhan got 1020 marks in SSC
Linta ShahzaibAlhamdulillah, already been teaching online tutions in Qatar, Japan Dubai and India.One of my students got selected in best schools (foreign) as I was hired as a tutor for her preparation.
Shabana saifMy student maira amir secure top position in her school in board exam another students has shown improvement in results under my tuition services
Muhammad YousufI taught a student of FSc who took first position in his college and other students got 95% plus marks in my supervision
Messum AbbasMy student secured 890 Marks in Matric
Tameem ahsan1.In 2021 two students awais and aqdas scored 95 and 93% in ssc exams, 2.in 2022 at roots international 6 students of computer science scored A and 2 got A* 3. In 2022 ghana took 90% marks in fbise hssc examinations
IJAZ HUSSAINMy Student name Abdullah got 59/60 marks ( Subject physics) matric class (Result 2023)
Zaigham Ul IslamMy All students got A+ grade in Board exams
Munnawar AbbasMusa FG College Multan Cantt saves 90% and many others student that are the students of Punjab board saves more than 85% in 2023 annual board examination.
Fahad FayyazOne students 92% Marks
Adeel AhmedI have a pretty excellent experience of teaching. I am expert of my field. i have taught biology in prestigious institutes of chakwal and Rawalpindi. It was a pretty good experience as teaching meets my passion and i am looking forward for more experience.
Muneeba RehmanMy students get A+ grades in Mathematics, as I believe that Mathematics only require concepts clarification and Practice. So I do clear the concepts and then give assignments and worksheets for practice that makes students perfect.
Fatima TahirMy student from class 4,5 got 2nd and 3rd positions
Tahir NawazI have good method of teaching and i always proved very helpful for my students. I have so many students which are lecturers, css officers and army officers. I have so many students which are doing engineering from UET lahore. Waheed ul hassan is my student ad he secure 100% marks in math 96% marks in physics 97% marks in chemistry and he is doing civil engineering from UET taxila. Zain is my student ang he secured A plus in math and physics in A level 2. I have so many other examples. Ivassure you that if you will handle a student from at least 10th clas to me, he will be engineer or doctor. I have my own notes and very smart work techniques.
Fatima tul ZahraMy students have improved their English skills under my guidance and supervision
Dr MinahilStudents get 80%+ markers
Zainab AslamI mostly teach junior classes students and all of my students get above then 85% all of
Ifrah SiddiquiNarjis, one of my student, secured 92% in matric board. Yasir,one of my student secured 88% in matriculation.
Maria ArshadMy students of 4th class Ahmed acieved 97%. Two students of 8th class yushfa and Aneeza achieved 92% and 98% respectively.
Tahira SaddiquiTutor Tahira’s students_1)zeenat get first position in his 5th standard. 2) Another student named Alia managed to score an impressive 80% marks in O-level.
Ani HaiderMany students got A or A* never got less than C
Maryam JahangirMy students always achieve highest in my relevant subjects. I always focus on giving them clear understandings of the concepts. They are always comfortable with me.
Sidra bi biMy students always got good percentage in exams Allhadulillah
Shumaita SaleemAfter having achieved 9A* and 3As in her own Cambridge Exams, she’s incredibly fortunate for tutoring students from cities of Pakistan and also those from UK, KSA, UAE, Singapore and Malaysia. Through engaging zoom sessions on whiteboard and screen shared documents, the results are impeccable almost always. One of her recent student in Faisalabad managed to secure an A in As-Level within the last three months of appearing in the exam. The two sisters from UK were promoted to Empress (supreme category of the class) under our mutual effort for it during lesson classes. Long term IGCSE students of mine are proficient enough to grab the concepts well enough to implement them while solving tricky past paper questions.
Sahibzadi NoorMy students have achieved A+ grades.
Muhammad ZubairI always ranked first during my Fsc and matriculation and class 1 to 8 and sevured always 90 percent above marks in the Gujranwala board.
Ali Ahmed JanAli has an impressive teaching record. Many of his students in Pakistan and abroad have top positions in their school and some have got into well renowned university with his consultation. For instance Mustafa, one of his student from Cavalry Lahore, got a 4 in his AP physics and has been admitted to Cornell Medical school in Qatar. Anab Zehra, from Saudi Arabia, got a 3 in AP calculus and 4 in AP chemisty. She has got admission in Medical school of Warsaw Poland.
RABAILMost of my students from score 90 or above 90 in their annuals.
Azhara AsifI had a beaconite student she was dislacsiac child. Through some technique effection and care she recovered. Now she read and write well. My two students of o levels appear this yearfor history geography urdu and islamiat. Both are very brilliant and hard working. One of them is toper of Bahria encourage.
Muhammad MoazzamI have a fantastic success track record. Many of my students have achieved great results under my guidance. I take pride in helping my students to improve their grades and reach their academic goals
Bushra ZulfiqarMany of My students have achieved great results under my guidance. In helping my students improve their grades and reach their academic goals.
Ata e mustafa89% marks in matric
SamiullahI teach various students, Many Students the highest marks in maths and physics. I teach some students whose position failure but after result they showed good marks up to 60%.
Nayyab batoolIn The base college daultala….many students gets 90% in their Fsc exams.Also in air grammar school in G 11/3 students secured the top positions in board exams.
Raina GulAleena student in I8/4 scored 90% in fsc. Aliza student of F-11 scored 85% in O levels exams . Safya and sadiq from Dubai score 92% and 89% in their 7th grade .and further more students
Asif MehmoodMany of students mmanaged to secure very good percentage. One of my student recently secured 92% in hssc exams.
Muhammad Majid FeroziI taught 2 years before and recently met one of my students from FSc who is studying Software Engineering for university of Sahiwal.
Muhammad AdnanYes, I have got laptop from prime minister achievement award in 2015. By getting 1000+ marks in SSC exam
Ghulam AsgharGhulam Asghar has worked five year as a tutor. He has experienced to teach all the science subject from matric to FSc level. Many of my student has got good marks in different science subject
Saima ShehryarTaught students to read, write and become star students.
Shafqat AliSpecifications: • I work for the conceptual improvement of the students for the betterment of their result & academic Profile. • My 80% of the students have bring more than 90% marks in their subjects • I also work on Self Development and behavioral Management of the student.
Muhammad danish90% matric diploma 85% bsc 3.46gpa
Muhammad Shoaib ashrafSecured above 85% through out my academic background.
Zafar IqbalQandel, one of his former students, secured the top position in his board exams. Another student named mishal zahid managed to score an impressive 94% in his FSc exams.
Arooj AsifI would describe myself as a high achieving teacher since in my last role I managed to turn around and underperforming class and at the end of the year the examination pass rate 30% higher
Arfa Shahid SattiAs it’s a long list of students to mention so briefly speaking my students score 80%plus marks and mentioning that I help very average and low scoring students to atleast pass the subject
Muhammad Awais AkhtarUmar Farooq got 1085/1100
Zia Ur RehmanAs a teacher, some of my achievements include fostering a positive learning environment, motivating students to excel, and helping them achieve academic success. I have received recognition for my dedication and commitment to education, and many of my students have shown significant improvement in their studies under my guidance. Additionally, I have actively participated in various extracurricular activities, contributing to the overall development of my students.
Wania ShafiqueMy student Alisa got 23 marks out of 25, in her monthly exams. Before that she usually got 9-10 marks.
Rabia BasriOne of my student got 497/505 marks in fasialabad board in 9 class
SADIQ AMEENTwo brothers Hussain and Naqi have been securing 90+ in English for 2yrs till I taught them, one student of CSS passed MPT
Haris ShahidStudents were satisfied with teaching methodology.
Aimen AmjadMy student Arooba has achieved A* in english language of O’levels, another instance is that my another student fatima has achieved A in English language. Moreover, My student Momina has secured an A in AS business
Ibrar AhmedAlhamdulillah I teach many students they got above 90marks.
Saif ur RehmanWhat’s impressive is that Saif has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Saif takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Faisal , one of his former students, secured good marks (454) in his SSC board exams. Another student named Hammad managed to score an impressive 82% in his FSc exams
Muhammad Zahid RasheedAriba Rasheed 99% in Matric
AHMED HASSAN SIDDIQUImy students always managed to score above 90%
Mahnoor YounasMy students are getting good bands and also doing well in their spoken English
Misbah SaleemOne of my students secured 1056/1100 in Matric and 1061/1100 in Fsc.. She studied under my supervision without joining a college.
Noor-ul-ainMy students achieve good marks in inter and matriculation exams..about 89% and 92%
Syeda sawera 8Esha Ali & Kinza Bilal ‘one of my topper students in matriculation. Many more students secured best numbers in science subjects.
Mahrukh RaheelMy student from secured 89% marks in rwp board
Muhammad SuffyanZainab got 1068 marks
Anum7th class student
Asad hayatOne of my students faiz got 911 marks in 10th class
Syed awais shahMy students manage to score 92 prcnt marks nd now serving as a doctor
Sidra fatima998 in matric exams
ArslanDon’t have any record
Ali AhsanMy all students are securing good marks.
Haider Aliaround 15 students get A+ grade in their results
Tanveer AhmadMany of my students have achieved high grades in thier respective exams.
Muhammed Amjadumer with 85%, umair with 80%
Hafiza Noor-Ul-AinGood
M Aafaq AtirALHUMDULILLAH my Students achieve 90 to 95 percent result With A plus grade
SafiullahJust taught 6 months in star science school
Muhammad NaveedAbdullah Caption (Army), Mubeen sajjad doctor(KE)
Hafiz Umar mehmoodOne of my students Saqib saeed got 1034 marks in multan board and the other one Alisha bilal got 1018 marks in multan board in matric exams
Muhammad AzamMany my students achieve A+ A grade under my guidance and also my students get position in Rawalpindi board also
Muhammad LuqmanMy mostly student got 80 % marks in Science subject specially in mathematics
Aiman IqbalI can help students to improve their grades, hand writing, I’ll encourage them to achieve something in their life. Computer skills, Teach how to talk with good communication. And much other
Mahnoor ShaukatMy student in pre O levels(grade 8) secure admission in O levels with good A+ grades. My student in lacas school became English ambassador of the month and secured 87% marks with good grades.
Muhammad Umair AkhtarUmer Aamer get 91% marks in 8th and Abdullah Aamer got 85% in matric
DUA ZAINEBMy many students score more than 85% in 9-10 and 1 student got 92% in FSc pre engineering.
Muhammad FarhanVerified APSACS teacher. Umer Farooq scoring 1070/1100 marks in matric fedral board
Ali HassanI teaches matric students this year he just got 80% A+ grade
Umair AzamNo.
Hafiz Ghulam HussainRecently , Arsalan haider
Rabia ZahoorFatima got 95% in matric
MahnoorThey are rising high
Engr. Mubashir Zarif SattiMy student name Abdul Rafay Secured 1034 Mark from FBISE in SSc
Naveed AhmedCurrently my students secure more than 1000+ marks in Lhr board and in federal board also 90% marks secured. In O level my students gets 4 A* 3 A and 2 B
Talha RehmanHave a good academic record.
Sumra MunirWell A lot of my students have started gaining good grades while their parents used to be worried about them in the past.
Maha KhanEman
Sehr FatimaAcademy result always 100%.as well school and college results also where i teach
Atta ur rehmani have 83% marks in Msc mathematics comsats university sahiwal
UBAID UR REHMANMati Ur Rehman got 1094 marks in matric. In part I F.sc Pre Medical got 459 marks
M Azeem AkramNot yet
Muhammad Taha AbaidAll of my students showed exceptional growth and produced great results
Mudasser HussainN/A
Abdul HafeezAlhmdulilah 3 students got full marks in physics out of 15 during my 1St year teaching..
Dilawaiz Marthmy student in ravian acdamy got 60/60 marks in physics and get first position in district lahore
Saif Ur RegmanWhat’s impressive is that Saif has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Saif takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Abdullah, one of his former students, secured the first position in his school. Another student named Aiza managed to score an impressive 94% marks in his matric exams.
Nimra SiddiqueIn my teaching experience many students achieved great results under my guidance.My junior student got 3 position in his class during my home tuion career
mutaal zaheerOne my my ovlevel students from 2022 Got As in maths english and other subjects under my tutoring
Ghulam MurtazaTop in career level and teaching experience in Govt sectors and private reputed sectors… foreign students
Rehna AkhtarI have taught many students from different schools system like educator, APS, City school, Dar-e-Arqam, NUMS entry test preparation etc. One of my student secure position in NUMS (MDCAT), i gave her home tuition. She did not join any academy. Also i taught FSC student one of them got 1054 marks out of 1100 (Punjab board).
Haider AliMy student sehar Iqbal got 1029 marks in recent result of matric allied school Johar town Lahore
Muaviya AhmadI taught a Hafiz student named Noor Ahmad that had forgotten basics due to study gap. He secured good marks in his board exams
SanaUllahMahnoor score 98% in metric
Hifsa BibiMy students maryum got 90% in fsc and also my sister got 94% in fsc thry both are my students
Laraib SheraziI don’t have individual student’s experience but back then when I taught in school, my students got impressive grades and they got improved in studies.
M Asif MunirAimen marks in matric 1060
M.waqas ishfaqOne of my students holds 99% marks in my subject
Ghulam MustafaMy all students scores above than 90% marks in their evey examination.
Dr FarhadMy Mostly students score 90% plus result
Sana SharifConsistency, regularity and good concepts
Mudassar HussainMy CGPA IS 3.7
Raja Fida ur RehmanWajhia 89% metric , Saad Arhada 92% 9th
Aqsa AminMy student Got 93% in board exam
İram IshfaqMehreen ,one of her former students, secured the 1011 marks in board exam.Another student named Saira managed to score 70% in her FSc exams
Abid AliI try my level best to improve the concepts of my students for their proper grooming. My student Ahsan habib got 1060 out of 1100/- in matriculation. And have no of exapmles like it.
Muhammad Naveed MajeedStudents got admission in different universities on merit base
Muhammad shahzad80 to 90 percent result of my students
Rizwan QamarMany Of My Students Got Full Marks in Mathematics, Physics and Computer.One Of My Students Score 99 Marks Out of 100 in Mathematics of Fsc Part 2.
Muhammad Amir ZafarAlhamdulillah my many students got A and A ��
Muhammad Abubakar Bin Tahir TungOne of my students got an A grade in olevels maths
FatimaMy student qurat-ul-ain in tution got 1081 marks out of 1100. Recently matric resutl
Zubair AhmedMy nephews secured the top marks in board exams 2023.
Muhammad AsadThree of my intermediate students got about 90 percent or above marks in my subject
Husnain AzamAhmad, one of my students scored 92%in metric, also more than 15 student score 80% and onwards.
Asad farooqMostly my students got A grade in mathematics
Ibrar HussainOne student have first division in metric exams
Hafiz Muhammad UmairA & A*
Kashan SajjadManan is one of my good students.
Muhammad zeeshanGood result of all students
Hafiz Asim AliMy students jannat score 96% my student ahmed score an impressive 95%
Aynan YounousMany students achieve their goals.
Samreen FatimaFor instance, Malaika one of her former students secured the top position in her exams.
Muhammad RizwanWill try my best to. Givee them best results
Rafia KhalidMy students strongly progress in mathematics and improve their grades.
Aqsa hanifI teach in school class kg and they get result 98%
ShahrukhAleem Kamal secured 76% in FSc
TAYYAB Ali85%-95% Is average result
Usman idreesFresh as a tutor
Muhammad Shahbaz Asad1. My student Arifeen managed to score 100% marks
Shoaib HussainOne of my student name waqas got 959 marks in matric.
Majid AliMustafa a student of LGS was idle when i teach him his oosition is 5 in his class and another one 9th class student whos result was perfect
Muhammad aqeelDr. Farhad
Prof.M Imran TaqiProf. Taqi is an amazing teacher with a great track record of success. Many of his students have achieved excellent results because of his guidance. For example, Abdullah got the top position in his board exams, and Maria scored an impressive 91% in her exams. Prof. Taqi is passionate about helping his students do well in their studies and reach their goals. He is a source of inspiration for everyone who learns from him.
Eesha NaveedOne of my students previous year secured first position
Atif MahmoodMy students got good marks and show good results
Zeeshan Haider3.82 CGPA in Masters
Muhammad haseeb1. Ahmed hassan, my matric student got 89%marks in 10th. 2. My student of FSc , shehriyar, got 92% marks in 1st year. 3. One of my students, hasnat kafeel, got 1st price in his class from AIMS pre cadet school in 7th. 4. My other 3 matric students got 87%, 90% and 91% marks.
Munazza KhanMy students mariyum ,Aisha, Iqra has got A grades in 9 & 10th board exam in science subject.Moreover madhia from crescent school in 8th class with o level subjects achieved higher grades . Also my students from adbistan-e sofia has got positions
Norina zafarAl hamdurillah i have amazing record in teaching. One of my student umair shah take A+ in matric(sci) and one of my com.sci student hamid take A grade.As per recent result one of my student zainab take A in matric (arts) exams
M. Waleed SarfrazI try to build confidence in students that they can easily get through the exams and motivate them to do much more better. Alhamdulillah in 3 years of teaching carrier none of my students fail in exams.
Muhammad FiazMy students got good percentage in exams. They are fully satisfied.
Muhammed FaiqI teach my siblings and they got 90+ marks, in materic level
Malik QasimMy studend Alaya khan achieved marvellous percentage in her fisrt year of Law at University of London under my supervision. Bahadur Hussain my student of Law(A-levels) from Garrrison college Lahore achieved A Garde in his last year exams. My student Ajeet parsad from India got first position in his class in law subject under my supervision(virtually). Asif Salman my student of olevel achieved A+ in Pakistan studies and Islamiyat. I have trained a young lady in 3 months for English speaking She is much fluent in English speaking. My student Mahnor Rashid has done his BA with first division in just 2 month under my supervision. My student Arshuman has done his Matric with 94% marks.
ZOYA FAZALZoya’s students have achieved great results under her guidance. Zoya takes pride in helping her students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. Zoya’s students secured top position in their board exams and grades includes 91% in exams.
Shahzad SafdarI have got 71% in my FSc in Pre-Engineering
Dilawaiz ShoukatMany of students got Excellent score teached by me.
Husnain MumtazFrom last 3 years stood many of students and they gets impressive marks in their classes
Aiman NaeemMy students always achieve highest rank in their class and got positive response from teachers in every PTM.
Subhan AhmedI take pride in helping my students to solve their past papers of O/A levels and I also give them tips how to score 90%
Afrasiab KhanI have taught 9 10 1st year and 2nd year students who secured great result..One of my student Meerub scored 92 percent in 10th class board exams. Similarly A student of Lahore board 10 class also scored 93 percent.
Sajid AliI participated in mathematics compition in olympiod of mathematics and stood 2nd. . I have 5-6 years of teaching experience and excellient record.
Ali HussanI have a vast background of teaching, i treat students as friends and brothers and as a teacher as well. they feel free to ask questions and stay tuned with me, ultimately they score good results.
Abrar AhmedAlhamdulliah! A lot of my students have got A+, As and 100% results along with board positons. Many of them have got admission in MBBS by passing MDCAT under my guidance.
Farhan AmjadThe maximum percentage that my student got in mathematics subject in Materic is 95% in BISE Faisalabad.
Muhammad HamzaI received best performance award in teaching Mathematics from NUST Creative Learning School and College, Islamabad, Pakistan. In 2023, 70% of my students who got A1 grade in FSC Mathematics.
Sundas NaveedMy student got 1st position in SSC-I in federal board
Muhammad ShahidI’m very really dedicated and motivated instructor to teach mathematics and physics.Recenlty, I have thought a student of o-level in DHA, Islamabad.I always gets very low marks in mathematics class test and papers. I taught him mathematics and physics. Masha Allah, he got the highest mathematics score in class 97/100 in his final papers. He is a student of DHAI education system.
Safia fatimeHard working
Laiba imranEarned positive feedback and requests from parents leading to additional tutoring. Improving the tutees speaking and writing ability with interesting stories and individualized coaching. Created a classroom behavior chart, and/or individualized behavior plans for behaviorally challenged children
Waseem saleemDare ARQAM school ghouri town face one (matric 1011509 m inzaman mughal ,1011509 number 903,m.shcheer 1011514 number 943
Rayyan MalikI have 8 years of experience in the field of education. Recorded lectures for students to learn in better and ease way to grab an excellent score in their board exams. I have a record that none of my student fail in any subject. And in O levels, all of my students secure A grade in A levels.
Syeda Maham AliI’ve taught tuitions in my home . A student of mine Saif in class 8 scored 95% marks. A student of mine Sumaiya scored 1065 in matric Rawalpindi board
Amir ZiaOne of my student got 2nd position in o level
Ayesha Abrari Am also a hafiz e Quran …i got 82 percent in Matric and 78 percent in fsc level
Abdul HakeemMy student,adeela Aslam got 1020 marks in FSC
Haffsa AslamHaris get 88%in matric last year
Touqeer shafiI takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals.
Atta Ur RehmanMultiple Satisfactory performace
Hurmat annainI have expertises in medical coding and hospital
Khushbakhat tahirI had 3 students in O levels. Two of them got A* and one got B.
Afsheen TariqI take pride in helping my students to improve their grade and behavior…
Hafsa NazirHafsa takes pride in helping in student and try her best for best grade of students. One of my student eman Malik secured 90+ plus marks in mathematics and 83 in physics second year
Quratulain10 lahore board student secured 3rd place in her batch. One junior student secured 2nd position in paintimg competition.
Imtiaz Ul Mulk“I am currently mentoring four to five students who have become MBBS doctors in various institutions. Additionally, six or seven of my students have entered military commission officer roles, and there are numerous other successful officers who have been greatly influenced by our teaching. Grateful for these accomplishments, thanks to the grace of God.”
Moin KhanI am currently serving in University of Wah as junior lecturer and teaching various semester students.
Muzamil HassanMy students get good grades and perform well
Merab TufailMy student rabia class 10th got 1025 marks in matriculation most of my students scored good I have many success stories of teaching students where i dig down deep to figure out the level of students and then accordingly plan my lessons with students which meet all their requirements i may not say that my students are always high achiever but im confident i can make my student achieve higher than the current result .
Farhan sohail80% maximum students gain the marks,
Sarah Rafique85% result in biology and biochemistry
AqeelaIn my teaching experience so many students get informative or explanatorv things from my side
Bisma WajibOne of my student scored 95% marks and got admission in mbbs
Mudassar AliMy students Muslim got 85% Marks , O level Mathematics Student Rayan Ahmad and Rana Haris got A grade in Mathematics
Muhammad Haider SultanMy students have secured above 60 percent marks in FSC. Which is mandatory for the admissions
Ammad JavedI habe a vast experience of teachinh to university level students . I have also taught students of matric and Intermediate level mathematics
Saad Ahmad Malik1. Momina One of my former student scored 89% marks in FSc Exams. 2.My Four students got admission at UET Lahore.
SANAExperience class 4,5,7 class students and get great achievement and result .
Muzamil UsmanAlmost all of my students improve their grade’s approximately from 60% to 90%
Maria Akhtar AliI multiple times gave 100% record in my teaching place
Murtaza Hussain✅ O/A level Sciences highly experienced tutor. ✅Ms mathematics ✅My student has achieved has achievement excellent results A/A* in O/A levels ✅6 years of experience of O/A levels,Fsc Math, physics, chemistry. ✅I have good English spoken skills. ✅I have also 6 years of teaching experience at college level classes specially Math &physics. ✅Currently working as visiting lecture at Islamabad model college Islamabad.
Dr Yasir Karim*Sir Dr. Yasir Karim* is a highly experienced and result-oriented tutor for O-A level Business and Economics. With a *Ph.D. in Economics & Finance* and 14 years of teaching experience at *certified institutions and university level* he has a proven track record of success with his students *achieving distinction in O/A level Economics and Business studies*. He has 14 years of experience teaching O-A level Economics and Business Studies, and is highly experienced in teaching Cambridge EDEXCEL O level Business Studies-7115, and Economics-2281. Additionally, he has experience teaching Cambridge AS-A level Economics (BES)-927, Economics-9708, Business Studies-9709 and Business-9609. As a skilled educator, he is available for tutoring both online and in person in Islamabad, Bahria Town 1-6, and DHA Phase 1-2. He believes that producing an A* A result for a student is a multidimensional project, and focuses on motivating the student, covering course content in a timely manner, observing the student’s interest to select important areas, and focusing on past paper practice while continually motivating the student throughout the tutoring process.
Rida IkramMy students secured good grades.mostly my students are from junior classes.i always focus on the SLO’s(students’ learning outcomes).
Arslan SaeedOne of my student Azan scored 85% marks in matric
Qaisar shahzadMy student (Muhammad Qasim, Jan muhammad) of class 10 scored 970, 956 marks in BISE Rwp in 2023.
Syeda Dilafroze FatimaI try my best to secure a good grades of each of my students. One of my students cleared FSc pre medical with 89% in exams.
Amna RehmanAlhamdulilahh I have a good record in this area, my students have always improved and done better than before. One of my students, Noor, she secured top position with 97 percentage and another, Maryam got 85 percent in her board exams.
Aqib saeed100% result
Muhammad Shoaib AbidDuring all career, I have done my best to give 100% results. My students satisfies by my teaching method.
Ahmed Haseeb RazaMany of my students achieved great results. This is pride for me mostly students achieved great results.
Memoona MajeedMy all student always got good score .one of my 9th class student got 495 marks this year
IqraMiss Iqra is highly regarded as the best tutor for MDCAT and MBBS preparation. She has an impressive track record of successful students who have gone on to pursue their dreams in renowned universities and medical colleges in Pakistan. Some notable achievements of her students include: Mahnoor Hayat, who is currently studying MBBS at Khyber Medical University. Ifra Ali, who is pursuing MBBS at Nishtar Medical University in Multan. Neha Farah, who is enrolled in the MBBS program at Shifa Medical College in Islamabad. Marryam Sial, who is studying BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). Muhammad Ali, who is pursuing MBBS at FMDC (Federal Medical and Dental College). Zimal Sohail, who secured the top position in FSC examinations. Mahnoor Sheikh, who is currently studying MBBS at Allama Iqbal Medical College in Lahore. These are just a few examples, and Miss Iqra has helped many more students achieve their dreams of studying in prestigious medical universities and colleges in Pakistan. Her teaching methods and dedication to her students have made her highly recommended in the field of MDCAT and MBBS preparation.
UsamaI have teached for one year only one student of 9th class. She scored 100% in Biology and Chemistry.
Muhammad WaqasAlthough Waqas has many success stories however one of his student was huzaifa rehman who hold second position in BISE DGKhan for
Humaira Bibi100 percent
Qulb e abbasN A
Minahil TariqStudents got A+ grade
Danish JamalA student of mine scored 97% marks in grade 10.
Shamsa saeedGreat really impressive…
Sana ahmeeStudents are taught morals and the importance of greeting people.
Zeeshan MustafaMy student omama from KIPS College managed to score an impressive 90% in his Fsc exams and many other students give outstanding results
Azmat HussainYoushy my beacon house student, last year I taught him olevel maths and physics he got A* on both subjects, one of my another student talha Rehman he was the student of ghazali public school and college bharakoahu, he got 87% marks in matric
Aqib QayoomNa
Eman AbdullahAs a tutor i teach student of 9th class and she got 95% marks. As well as am experienced of teaching fsc students of stars academy and they also show phenomenal results.
Sarah ArshiAlisbah got 89% marks class 10, seemal secured B+ grde class igcse economics, maham secured 73% mark clas msc economics, arslan secured 79% marks class msc economics
Isma tahiraMy student Iman jahangir has scored 97% marks in matric.
Mazhar AbbasI have a experience in crash course past papers ..I have potential to to achieve good results…
Mawra ZainabResult awaiting
Sohaib HassanSikander Khan got 958 marks in matriculation
Abid Ur RehmanAbid Ur Rehman has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Abid Ur Rehman takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Ahmed Ali , Muhammad Zeeshan one of his former students, secured the 500+ marks in their board exams.
Munawar zamanLast year out of 42 students 35 are selected in govt medical hospitals
Muhammad Bilal Ali ArshadMany of his student have achieved great results under his guidance. Because he focusing on conceptual base study.
OMER QURESHIMy student got 90+marks in board examination I have vast experience in board exams
Muhammad hassamOnline tutoring to foreign students, well spoken , English proficiency
Asfandyar FarooqiN/A
Muhammad israrMost of my students achieve good grades
Maliha GhaniI’ve been giving tuitions since few months, all my students always secured outstanding marks.
Baber Ali JavedEma will paper according to pattern and pareimg of slaybus
Sammeetah Hayat QasmiMy O-levels students have scored A’s in my respective subjects. As far as my students of grade 1 to 8 are concern they score 85% to 90% and furthermore. The highest achievers are upto 95%
Ahmad Abdul Salam KhanMajority weak students are able to pass their degrees.
Muhammad Salman ShahidAs per 2023 SSC Result, Three students got 1047, 1030, 1013 marks and two students got 957 and 988 respectively.
Ayesha BadarUnder my guidance students got good grades and they are very stasified.
Tauseef SarfrazWhat’s impressive is that Tauseef has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Tauseef takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Haseeb , one of his former students, secured the top position in his board exams. Another student named Rabail managed to score an impressive 91% in his FSc exams.
Syed Aqqab Ali KazmiI have 4+ Experience in teaching field. In Last Session, my two students got a above than 95% in junior Section & at Matric level 5 students achieved A+ grade. I’m Responsible Teacher.I have moto to make strong Concepts of Students.
Adeel EjazI have achieved fantastic track record of making students gaining best grades in board exam. I am equipped with experience to teach my subject at expert level to gain best results. I am result oriented. Helped students practically & building their concepts
Jawad MuftiI give my level best
Arshad JibranAimen is a experienceqed teacher with good results
Sidra AkbarI am helping my students to improve their grades and reach to their goals. With academic study I also teach them how to led their life’s.
Eman AbidMost of my students score more than 90 % grade in mathematics.
Nadeem akhtarA student name hamza ,one of his former students secured more than 90% in their final examsmanaged to score 87% in his matric exam and Another student laraib nanaged to score an impressive 90% in his Fsc exam and juniors class so many
Musawar YaseenI have plenty of A* and As on my credit
Tehreem KhizarI am done bachelor in software engineering and Mphil degree in Project Management I have a teaching experience with Beacon house and the city school I have been taught o A levels more then 6 years. I have been taught differnt student and different curriculum ( frobels, Headstart, Roots International, PSI) I have done IELTs with with 6.5 bands.
Rashid HassanI am hardworking teacher & I have excellent track record of teaching like one of my student name ifra got 93% marks and mostly students got 85% marks in my subjects.
Maaz ZeeshanMy students got 90% marks in previous exam. One of them got 495 marks in 9th exam
Alamgir MirzaI’ve produced 100% results in my intermediate & graduate classes and many of my students got A & A* in O level and IGCSE and Edexcel GCSE classes. A few of my students qualified CSS/PMS.
Muhammad AdilMany of my students got A+ Grade in their exams and few of my students topped in their respective schools.
Raja Abdul Muizz MajeedStudents of Muizz have proven to excel in their studies after his teaching and guidance. Through extensive testing and study notes his students always feel confident in their exams. A student of his named Usama has gotten 89 percent in matric part 2 after getting just 56 percent in part 1. This improvement has been thanks to Muizz’s excellent guidance and support. Another student of class 7 who got 2 position in his class.
Junaid iqbal HashmiOne of my students passed his O-Level 2 subjects with A*
Qamar zamanI boost up the level of weaker students
Rimhsa tauseefone of my student from Beaconhouse grade 5th score 89% marks in her finals . and also i taught a student of matric from Punjab College she scored 85% marks . I also teach students about graphic designing online and offline
Mahrukh AfanCertified IBM master trainer,certified master trainer by koulo group- TLF
Muhammad Asim FarazAimen is doing a great job.
Zahid farhaadI have had a student Ibrahim studying in choueifat got A+ in OLevel English and positioned in SAt Exam .
Muhammad ZahidMany students of mine are currently studing in different university like UET, Punjab, Nust, Fast & other institute. 4 students got 100% marks in subject which i taught.
Zara AliMy student fareena delawar Scored 93% .Another student of beachonhouse EMAN, she scored 85 %. And also student named sidra managed to score 95% in matric
Annas Bin SaadMy students never scores less than 80%
Sadaf ShfiSuccessful Student in each grade .
Ayesha ShakeelStudious
M. AnwarFamous among KIPS students has a bonafied tutor. Senha and Shayaan are one of my best students got above 85% in board exams.
Owais RehanI have tutored two students. One of them was of As level, I tutored him in the subject biology and chemistry and he got an A in biology and B in chemistry. Another student I am teaching is of Olevels currently and I am teaching him maths and physics of Olevels.
Umer ZakriaAlisha ijaz a dumb student take 80 percent marks in ssc 2
Arooj Shahidi will try my best for achieving good grade
Hashir ToheedI have an experience of teaching more than three years. I have taught a dozen of students. TTwo of my students got exceptional marks in bords exams. One got 86percent marks and the other got 88percent marks. I fell proud that most of my students who didnt even know the basics got good grades in my respective subjects.
Hafiz AliyanNazz 1st year (79%) Asma matric (82%) ubaid 9th (89%) and currently teaching a fatima jinnah women university student
MaheenAlhamdulillah..my students have got excellent result.
Junaid ahmed abbasi90%
Maryam ShafiqueImpressive
Saqib AbbasiMy student get good marks in his fsc , o level , A level. many of my students today surving many fields like Army, teaching , and doctors
Wahab Ul QayyumWahab ul Qayyum has a fantastic success track record,Many of his students have achieved very good result
Muhammad FaizanSyed Ahmed my student secure 1000 marks in Matric Fbise .another student Sara from Aps secure 1045 .Another one name Yousaf secure 956 marks
Gul HaiderGul Haider boasts an outstanding success record, reflecting his exceptional tutoring skills. With a track record of teaching three brothers simultaneously, one in Matric and the other two in Pre-9th, his dedication to academic excellence is evident. In 2022, Ibrahim Asad, who was under his tutelage, achieved an impressive 1008 marks in FBISE Matriculation result. Continuing his impactful teaching in 2023, Gul Haider’s other two students, Usman Asad and Ali Asad, secured remarkable scores of 443 and 457 marks respectively in FBISE SSC-1 result. Notably, another student, Iffat Awan, guided by Gul Haider, attained an exemplary A grade in A-level Physics. With his remarkable teaching qualities, Gul Haider empowers students to achieve remarkable academic milestones.
Ghulam MohyuldinMy student Zara got first position in her advanced level in canada. My student Maryum Zia got highest marks 84/85 in chemistry n Bise Rwp 2019. Six students passed MDCAT and doing Mbbs from different medical colleges.
Muhammad Usman ManzoorMy student Maria got both 9th and 10 in full marks in mathematics.my student
Muhammad Atif MasoudDistinction in World A level Physics
Muqadssa ShahzadiI am expaert in my field having more than 6 years of experience
Rimsha ShahidI’m lahore top Scholarship holder in MATRIC FROM PEEF ALSO get A+in ICOM
Ali YousafAll of students got excellent results in the last promotional exams. Parents and students are satisfied Alhamdolillah
Dr. Zulfiqar AhmadNA
Mishal ShehzadiMy Most focus is always towards improving descriptive writing and spoken language of students, to make them fluent in English. For instance, My student sawera bilal got 1st position scored 89% marks and another’ student who was very week in English pronunciation she’s is now too good.
Kaiynat noorMy first periority is to improv students grades and language …helping them to solve all the problems
Kanwal aziz“zanib ammar, Abdul wahab and saad scored an impressive 91% in Matric exams, a testament to her hard work and dedication.
Saleha MaryamScored 91% in matric and 86% in FSc and got HEC merit based scholarship. Got best mega project award during fellowship with Amal Academy which is sponsored by Stanford University, Pepsico and Acumen. Donw with leadership and teaching training.
Atif jameelAtif apply latest teaching techniques due to which has impressive track record.Under his consideration his students achieve good grades specially O level students
MEHREEN MEHBOOBSucceeding in college is rather like succeeding in life. It’s really much more about you than it is about college. So the most important place to start is to consider why you’re here, what matters to you, and what you expect to get out it. Even if you have already thought about these questions, it’s good to reaffirm your commitment to your plan as we begin to consider what’s really involved in being a college student. Let’s take a look at successful student have goals.
Khansa MajeedWhat’s impressive is that khansa has a fantastic track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance.for instance, one of my students score a great percentage on a short notice.
S.M.Abid AliWell for a track record I am in this field for the past 7 years and have taught students of different areas and of various levels. I have a student named Alyan who was a resident of Canada and was very dull in Maths and have slight difficult in understand science subjects . After my guidance he secured 85% marks both in Maths and science subjects. Currently the parents of my another international students from Dubai are quite satisfied with my work.
Saira AzharNot yet
ShayanShayan is tutor who looks to put in absolute inculcation efforts on the students. He has recently taught Alevels student and here results are going to be revealed on 10au 2023
Muhammad MuneebSEO from University of California Davis with 94.5 %
Hafiz Mustafa ZahidAimen has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Abdullah, one of his former students, secured the top position in his board exams. Another student named Maria managed to score an impressive 91% in his FSc exams. A third student, Fatima, received a full scholarship to attend her dream university. And a fourth student, Hassan, was able to overcome his learning disability and graduate from high school.
Muhammad shaheer KhanShe teach good
Shoaib sobanMany students have secured 90% and higher marks under my guidance. This year two of my students got 1050 and 1055 marks in matric 2023.. last year 3 of my students managed to secure 1000+ marks in fsc
Osama Rasool QadriSaad, scores 92% in intermediate, Ahmed scored 85% in 2nd year,
Dr.SaniaMy Student Aqsa has secured 95% in her FSc exams in 2022
Maryam saghirMaryam tutored my sister and she secured 97 % marks and got second position in the exam her name is hafsa Another student named Muhammad Azan , he reads in class one ,when he is class nursery he got 95 % marks and second position in exams
,Muhammad Salman80 Plus %age of FSc students in Board exams
Rehan Ibrari helped my friend last year and now he scored 89% in board exams .All my students who taught through online ,/ home got 1st position and it was pride moment for me when i was called as a chief guest in their school.
Muhammad Shahmir Saifi have 5+ years of experience and my students achieved 90+ marks in mathematics intermediate
Mufti MehmoodStudents achieve good grade in board and few have them pass test of cadat colleges admission
Muhammad Zohaib KhanMy students grade achieved A+ & A grade almost
Usama MashalThaugh to various students in a unique way so that they enjoy and understand the lessons very well and score high in exams.
Sidra khanI had teach to matric students and they secured 80%+ marks in biology
Muhammad AzharStudents easily improve their grades and reach their goals by hardworking plus smart work and also love their desire target.
Muhammad Taha SajjadI have been a brilliant student all along. I never secured less than 2nd rank in any standard. I even scored 2nd rank in matric board exams and got 100% scholarship in KIPS college, Multan. I went to Lahore for higher studies. I have been teaching for almost 6 years now and all of my students got 90% or above marks.
Nimra ZahoorI have a fantastic success track record. Many of my students improve garde’s and reach their academic goals. For instance, tasmiya secured good position in her board exams. in
SidraMy students get positions in exam
Muhammad Nadeem MazharAlhamdulilah my students take good marks in exams
Waleed FaheemSeveral Masters and Bachelors students have done their final year projects with my assistance and under my mentorship. Apart from that, i’ve designed and taugh courses for an Australian startup as well through which i’ve reached students in Australia
Muhammad JunaidI will give good results Insha Allah
Daniyal MubarakIn the recent board exams, Umer Farooq exhibited exceptional dedication and determination, securing an outstanding 90% score. His academic prowess and consistent hard work have undoubtedly made him stand out among his peers. Similarly, in the rigorous Cadet College entrance exam, Ali Ahmed showcased remarkable intelligence and aptitude, earning a well-deserved place in the institution. His impressive performance in the test reflects his commitment to excellence and promises a bright future ahead. As a teacher, witnessing the achievements of Umer Farooq and Ali Ahmed fills me with immense pride and optimism for their future endeavors. Their accomplishments serve as a testament to their potential and the value of a quality education.
Rimsha BatoolOne of my student grade A + in exam
Muhammad AdnanMy impressed is that I’m regular and hard work . And I have fantastic success track record .And one of my student Ismael Atif 93% in first part . And 2nd Farman Ali 97% scored in his oxford syllabus Alhumdulilah
Madiha khanTeaching in a very comfortable and friendly environment. Students achieved very good grades in board exams also in their schools.
Muhammad NasirMost of my Students secure 100/100 Marks in Mardan board Mathematics paper.
Aisha NawalI’m very good in my studies and also got highest grades in my class. Many of my students got more than 90% marks in exams.
Abdul Mateen BhattiIn my latest batch, most of the students got 90%+ while I’ve 100% result in my school.
Rubia HamidNone
Joveria FaruqiMy students shown remarkable progress in their results and got 80% plus marks within 3 months
Mohammad NadeemLast year I was awarded in school for scoring 4.5 GPA of my outgoing class in Mathematics
Beenish khalidWhat’s impressive is that Beenish has a fantastic success track record. Many of her students have achieved great results under her guidance. Beenish takes pride in helping her students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. Another student managed to score an impressive success .
Iqra TariqTaught two students, Inaya and Aiyra, online for Cambridge School system UAE. Both of them showed up with very good % percentage in Mathematics. Moreover, Fatima recently cleared her matric with Excellent marks.
Muhammad Rayyan QureshiNill yet
Jameela BanoI am High School Bio, physics, chemistry, math and English teacher.16yrs teaching experience. During my government job every year i have given 100%results.My private students have secured excellent grades.I have written and prepared my students for English debates and they have always got first prize.
GulsherImpressive results with sufficient improvement.
Barira BibiI am.here tutor Barira I achieved many fantastic certificates and experience in different field and achieve many academic goals. Recently I was teacher at one school of class 9 and 10 my student pass their exams with good grades one of my get excellent grads in 9th class (science subjects ) in fbise board
Iqra batoolI have four year experience in teaching
Libana RaufLibana has a impressive success track record. Many students have achieved amazing results under my guidance.My goal is to help students and improve their grades.For instance Musa, one of my excellent student, scored topped in his 7th class exams. Another student named Maryam scores 91% in 6th class exams.
Muhammad Hammad ShafiqMany of My students have achieved high grades . Some achieved 97% . While on average mode my students have taken more than 94% marks.
Shehzad AhmadI have converted many F’s into A’s.More than 90 % of my students scored A,s and only few scored B,s. There is a long list I can’t write them down would be provided on demand.
Kousar perveenKousar has a wonderful success record.
Husnain farooq86%
Aniqa IftikharI have a gripped experience in maths teaching
Mushtaq AhmedPassed my students with distinguished results
Farzana TasleemMy student zain from Beacon House rawalpindi
Raja Shoaib Naseem khanMy students always got high scores in exam and some students get 75/75 in mathematics
Junaid HaroonA Cambridge Certified Trainer/Instructor having GCSE/IB/IGCSE/Edexcel teaching & curriculum design With an Educational background of having O & A levels with A* in Science Subjects with professional degree of Masters in Mathematics, holding an esteemed Bachelor’s degree of Civil Engineering from Asia top nosh university i.e UET lahore My teaching experience Starts from the City School Lahore as O levels Physics Subject lead along with a visiting Faculty member of the Lahore Lyceum School as O Levels Mathematics Lecturer. Currently Working as Mathematics Cambridge subject lead in Beaconhouse School System With a proven record of excellence and a commitment to creating an optimal learning environment, I am dedicated to help my students excel in their academic pursuits with knowledge, Learning & Distinction.. By the grace of almighty ALLAH
Aqsa ZahoorI have 7-8 years experience of home tutoring … My students achieve good grades and positions Alhumdullilah, I’m proud of them.
Rida NiaziMy own olevels result was 7A’s, 2A*’s and 1B. My students have scored good grades. A lot of students who were taking C/D grade especially in Urdu successfully passed their cies with A/A* in just 3-4 months.
M ILYAS HAMEEDPlenty of my students had secured very welcoming grades . They have the passing ratio of almost 100%. Students had learned a lot other than just conquering the exams.
Mamoon ur RehmanI have taught tution for about 2 years, to dozens of students studying in highly prestigious institutions.
Muhammad DerveshHighly dedicated to the greatest excel of my students
Duaa Ali AhmedAs an online educator, I have witnessed remarkable achievements among my students from various countries. One of my students from Dubai secured the first position in a prestigious math competition, earning a well-deserved award. Another student from Australia excelled in the NAPLAN assessment, achieving a level 5 score. Additionally, students from Aitchison School obtained exceptional results in their mock exams, receiving top grades (A’s). Furthermore, numerous students from LGS School have excelled in creative writing competitions, claiming top positions. Pre-O levels students have consistently achieved outstanding academic success, with many of them attaining 99% marks in their assessments. These accomplishments are a testament to the effectiveness of online teaching methods and the dedication of both the students and their teacher.
Ahsan AliTeach lot of students but mostly teach courses and they really appreciate my teaching method and they really get very excellent marks.
Muhammad MehmoodMy students are achieving A-grades in A-levels law and business and LLB University of London and LLB Islamic University and LLB Punjab University
Muhammad Mohsin NawazHashim Bilal got 94% marks in class 6th.
Aemal AnwarOne of the core pillars of my teaching philosophy is personalized instruction. I firmly believe that every student has their own strengths, weaknesses, and preferred learning methods. By identifying and understanding these factors, I can create customized lesson plans that cater to their specific needs, ensuring a more engaging and fruitful learning experience. Moreover, I am skilled at adjusting my teaching approach on the fly, recognizing when a student requires more guidance or more autonomy to maximize their potential. Throughout my teaching career, I have witnessed numerous success stories as my students achieve their academic goals and build self-confidence in their abilities. I take immense pride in being a part of their academic journey and cultivating a positive learning environment that promotes growth, curiosity, and critical thinking. My role extends beyond merely conveying knowledge; I aim to be a mentor and a source of encouragement to my students, inspiring them to reach their full potential.
Sanwal KhanI teach the language learners with my self-designed course with conceptualised modus operandi of teaching with drilling vocabulary pertaining to different fields thereby enabling them to be well-known to technical terms of the very subject.
Ehsan JabbarAs a theoretical physics graduate, I have a plenty of experience in writing and explaining complex science concepts in simple language. I have extensive experience in online tutoring at Course Hero.
Ayesha QaziMy student named rameen got second highest marks in marks in class 7. My student named jameela got highest marks 100% in maths in class 10th. Also my student named areej got 95% marks in maths.
Arslan Khalid Khani have good success track recod as teacher, teaching various city. Many of my students have achieved great results under my guidance. In addition, some of my student secured top position in exams.
DrhinaI have been given an award in teaching for my dedication and hardwork.
Muhammad WaqarManal
Hafiz Usman HashmiI have a fantastic success track record. Many of my students have achieved great results under my guidance. i take pride in helping my students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance Hasnain shah one of my student secure 90% in 9th Exam.
Muhammad Saud DarI teach OLevels/IGCSE online in UAE and all of my students have A and A* in their respective subjects
Muhammad AmanullahEvery student i have taught has got good grades.
Amina ArshadI am very expressing teacher. My method of teaching very simple, smooth and effective. My last three years results of Fsc pre-medical is scored 90 %.
Muhammad FarhanI have two year experience in teaching
Zil-e-HumaOne of my O levels student, named Eshal, got A in Maths and A* in physics. Aiza was one of my matric student for three months and she got 85% marks by making efforts in such a short time. I am more confident of my teaching beacuse of distinctive results gained by my International students. Hassan is one of my UK based international student of cambridge physics; he always got remarkable grades in the whole class every year.
Owais Hasan KhanMy Student got admission in professional University on open Merit
moaddabGot highest grades…students are happy to teach with me…
Muhammad Junaid baghdadiMy name is Muhammad Junaid baghdadi. My qualification is Bs mathematics.I can tech maths physics from grade 1 to 12
MisbahTeaching and communication skills, computer skills, motivational skills, teaching experience physicsl as well as online
AreebaI have been home tutoring students of junior and ssc. I have experience of 5 to 6 years of home tutoring my students have achieved great results under my guidance
Aisha FarrukhI gave remedial classes to my those students who are weak in my subject and alhamdullilah they achieved good marks. And I teach autistic child who was weak in my subject and he improved alot and able to pass the exam.
Dil NoorImpressive
Muhammad BilawamMany of my students got above 95% marks in Board Exams
Dr FahadI taught many students and they all achieved first division and A+ grade ..
Muhammad UmairMany students achieved great results under my guidance.Mishal got 91%in matric 2023..
KEVIN MUNYANYA SHIKUKUIt sounds like Aimen is a dedicated and effective educator who has made a positive impact on his students’ academic achievements. His track record of helping students improve their grades and achieve their academic goals is indeed impressive. The examples of Abdullah securing the top position in his board exams and Maria scoring 91% in her FSc exams highlight the tangible results of his teaching and guidance. It’s clear that Aimen’s commitment to his students’ success has made a significant difference in their educational journeys.
Nishat Ul Sani1. In one year of teaching at Maryam Girls higher secondary school i take 16% of result upto 64% in A+ grades.2. One of my student Javeria got distinction in physics 100/100 marks in class 9 3. One of my brilliant student Aiza Ali got overall 3rd position in AKUEB board.
Arfa AmarahMy students have improved their grades dramatically under my super vision. Moreover, they got fluent in English Speaking and writing
Pareesa ArsalanWell Alhamdulliah my students have always managed to get really good grades for themselves are are studying in good universities today. This one student of mine Noor, is now sitting in UAE getting her degree in psychology and also working as a child advisor, nothing makes me more proud. Another student I just taught for a month like a crash course got the highest grade in her mock exam for sociology that’s what she took classes for. And of course this other student who was studying english has grown so much that she is now a good bookstagrammer. Proud moment for a teacher obviously.
SairaI have 2 years teching experience
Fatima KhanFrom a very young age, I attained the skill to learn and effectively share my knowledge with people. I started tutoring online on a platform called ‘Algorithmics’ which is Indonesia based, and I managed to tutor 60+ students in form of batches. I have tutored with a group called Binary2Meta as well, where I taught Python and Scratch programming to children between the ages 6-16 and got extremely great reviews, so and so that maximum kids ended up taking multiple courses from me. I have tutored programming courses to my University juniors and they effectively scored extremely good grades. My younger brothers and cousins are doing O/A levels and I am tutoring them as well and they’re doing really well in their mock exams. Computer Science related courses are my Forte.
SabaAlot if my students have achived good grades in thier exams they have good learni g and colping skills i have teach them.healthy and smart tricks to achiebe goals
Abira MunirI m hardworking and will soon produce good results Insha Allah.
Ajmal KhanA lot of students in Fsd and here are topper of the school and academy
Syed Ahtzaz ul Hassan GillaniI’m lecturer at National School and College System I-10 Islamabad and i produced 100 percent result in my subject. Moreover 80 percent paper was same as in my course.
Malik Umer ZafarScored straight A’s in Olevels and Alevels myself and now my students are also on the same track. One of the students recently achieved straight A’s in Olevels
Momina kazmiI am hardworking and will produce good results
IFFAT RAFIQMy students had amazing results most commonly in maths phr chem and bio
Muhammad Musaab JamshedPassed my Bachelor’s with 1 st div and Now 5 papers left in CMA to get qualified.
Noor ul saherMy students have great success track record. Many of the students have achieved great results .i love helping my students to improve their grades and reach their academic goals.
SidraHabiba secured 98% marks in her school ando likewise my other students gets always good grades Alhumdulillah
Aqib AliMy students results were always fantastic. One of my student Saqib Ali achieved 1071 marks in matric exams.
Zuha SiddiqI ve teached many students and they have the great results.
Hafiza SaimaI am a hardworking tutor, and one of my student Azan Malik who was in Beacon House School got 550 marks out of 600 in his entry test result.
Naeem AhmedI have teaching experience, and I know how to cater to students according to their abilities. As a result, most of my students achieve A-plus grades in almost every term.
Imama AdilMy science student has got gold medal in IKSC from grade 4. My students always got 70%
Junaid KhanMy student siyab and zaryab has got 95 % marks in matric exams.
Asim ShahzadOne of my students got 7 band in ielts. Another student of mine secured highest score in entry test of siddeeq school.
Taha Ahmed MinhasThe Impressive thing is that the student will have all the concepts he needs, he will have mastered the concepts!
Tayyaba Abdul SattarI am a hardworking teacher and i will produce good results as i did in my teaching carrier in a school
Saba KousarMy student Rahima from fbise got excellent marks in mathematics and physics in grade nineth and tenth for both years she got 73 in maths and same in physics
Maryyam KhalidMaryam has recommendable success track record. Many of her students have shown remarkable improvement both in academics and extra co-curricular. She feels contentment watching improventment in her students as well as satisfaction of their Parents.
OmerOmer is currently building his professional track record, but he has demonstrated his commitment to helping others achieve high grades. He has provided assistance to his cousins and friends, guiding them towards academic success. Additionally, Omer has tutored two grade 10 students in Mathematics, both of whom achieved notable scores of 88 and 85 marks respectively. His dedication to supporting students in their academic journey shows great promise for his future as a tutor.
Muhammad FahadMuhammad Fahad is a remarkable teacher who has helped many students achieve outstanding results. He has a proven track record of success, as evidenced by the testimonials of his former students. Muhammad Fahad is passionate about teaching and mentoring his students to improve their grades and reach their academic goals. One of his former students, Fatima Noor, shared her experience of learning from Muhammad Fahad. She said that he was very supportive and encouraging, and that he taught her the concepts in a clear and easy way. She also said that he gave her useful tips and tricks to solve the problems faster and more accurately. As a result, she secured the top position in her board exams. Another student named Esha also praised Muhammad Fahad for his excellent teaching skills. She said that he was very patient and attentive, and that he always motivated her to do her best. She also said that he provided her with ample practice questions and feedback to improve her performance. Thanks to his guidance, she managed to score an impressive 91 % in her FSc exams.
Shahid RehmanRimsha is my Student and she got 93% and many student got 90%,91%,92%
Umme SalmaI am hardworking and will produce good results
Ahmad NaveedMR Ahmad has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Ahmad takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals.
Abdul rehman lodhiSanan nasir achieved 94%marks in matric.
Muzammil ZeeshanWhat’s impressive is that Muzammil Zeeshan has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Muzammil takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For example, Imran one of his former students, secured the top position in his board exams. Another student named sidra managed to score an impressive 92% in his FSc exams.
Tahira TariqI’m an experienced teacher of law and English literature and linguistics. I take pride in helping and achieving my students maximum success goals in their persuits. I have a great academic record and exquisite achievements throughout my career.
Muhammad Shamim SiddiquiI have 20 years of tutoring record and many students sre now on key positions
Muhammad BabarMy students have been achieving great results, since been teaching for around 10 years since my I was undergraduate so can’t even remember all the students and their achievements, been attached with multiple schools and coachings throughout my journey.
Farrukh IjazMy students got expceptional marks in their annual result with percentage of 90%. few examples are Shoaib from Grade 8 has secured 95% marks in their annual exam. Sheeba from class 10 has secured 94% marks in biology exam of Board.
Saira anjumMSc / MA / MS What’s impressive is that saira has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance.saira takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Ayan,omima,Hussain jawad one of his former students, secured the top position in his board exams
Anees ur RehmanI inherited the quality of establishing a real and understanding connection with my students, from my father. I Strongly belief that I can study my student’s psychological apertures and I can teach them accordingly. I never asked any of my students to tell me their results because I myself was not a good achiever till college. But when it came to my interest, I became the topper of my university.
M.ZubairI teach physics and computer any my student got good marks
Ezaz AhmadOne of my students got 90% marks in fedral in 2023. Others students result are still awaited
Ameer MoaviaRecently , My student Fatima saleem have secured 90 percent marks in pre-9th grdes exams
Kainat ShehzadI have been tutoring since 2 years and my students achieved great results. My student amna secured 89% in her matric exams and my student tehreem scored 87.3% in her grade 9
Mehreen FatimaMy student scored good marks in board exam.
Muhammad Yasir YaseenMy student Bushra Yaseen got 490/500 in class 4 , another student Muhammad Naeem got 88% in 8th class
IHSAN FAROOQIhsan has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Ihsan takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals.
Usama AslamN/A
Saba khanHard workout
Muhammad Waqas AshrafMy greatest achievement is I have worked alot on average students and turned them into brilliant students
Iqua Tul MouqeetAyesha Ahmad is my student and got 1012 marks in matric result recently
Usman BenyaminI have tutored a few of my cousins and they all got excellent marks in their exams. I also tutored my brother for a very competitive scholarship program which he managed to receive after scoring excellent in the admission test.
Muzammil MalaniWhen I was teaching my 3 students they were too weak in studies and failures but after me they scored A grades
Kainat FatimaKainat’s approach involves creating a positive and engaging learning environment that encourages active participation and critical thinking. By identifying each student’s unique learning style and areas of improvement, Kainat has been able to design lessons that cater to their individual needs, ensuring effective comprehension and retention of the material. Kainat takes pride in her ability to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible and relatable to her students. This has resulted in noticeable enhancements in their grades, test scores, and overall academic performance. Beyond academic achievements, Kainat also focuses on nurturing essential skills such as problem-solving, time management, and effective study techniques, setting them up for success not only in their current studies but also in their future endeavours.
Muhammad Talha YousufNearly all my students of O Levels Eng get A & IELTS Academic 6.5 overall.
MUJAHID RAZASir Mujahid is working in the field in for more then 5 years. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Mujahid takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Abdullah Saleem Roll# 9024811, one of his former students, secured the top position in his Maths exams SSC-I of FBISE 2023. Another student named HALEEMA Manage to score an impressive 99% in his HSSC-I exams 2022 FBISE.
humayun saquib
Arif Sherwani96 aggregate from 20 years in maths and computer science
Kainat KhanNone becuse i just tought them alomost2 months and they were like not even school going
Danish AbbasiI have a very excellent record of teaching .one of my Student who have appeared in the board exams have scored very well, one of them is a matric level student with 1050 marks,
FaisalMy previous students got admited in top ranking institutions like k.u.
Abdul RahmanI have teached at Scholar collage for one year
Owais AhmadGood
Nahid KhanMy primary level students after Covid had to struggle a lot but Ma Sha Allah students learnt a lot ,their parents feed back is also Available.
Saad KhanProduced 87% result Elhamdulliha
Samreen AliI teachef 1 class student Haram and he got 3rd position in his class۔ I teach fsc students Naila in pakistan sport complex Islamabad and she got 82% marks. My student from educator school Ushna get 1st position in class 6.
Rafia AnjumWhats Impressive is that Rafia has helped her two students getting 85 percent in their FSc by teaching them with enhusiam and tricks which make them learn the difficult concepts at ease.
Mohammad Ikram AfridiI am teaching since last 4 years and my students clear their classes with maximum marks they ever taken before.
Raja Yawar WaheedWhat’s impressive is that yawar has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Aimen takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Abdullah, one of his former students, secured the top position in his board exams. Another student named Maria managed to score an impressive 91% in his FSc exams.
Kanwal SafeerMy students have sgowed exemplary performances in studies. I was also able to improve their spoken English.
Muhammad YaseenExcellent
Muhammad AwaisWhat’s impressive is that Awais has a fantastic success track record.Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance.Awais takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Ahmed and Obaid ,two of his former students,secured the top position in their board exams. Another student Hazik manged to score 145 marks in net and now he is doing BS electrical engineering from Nust
Rida kianiMy student secure 85 percent marks in Matric
Syeda Waiza BatoolIn my guidance many students have achieved A grade
Muhammad Mehmood Ul HassanInshaAllah you will see result
Muhammad Ahnaf MansoorGreat experience in teaching and students get above 80% marks
AqsaMy last beacon house students of different classes attempt 90% plus marks alhumdulilah
Amna MustafaYes
Ansar AbbasGood record
Madiha NasarYes my almost 10 to 20 students scored a good remarkable result in their exams
Ghayour MehdiMany of my students in academy got full marks in biology and chemistry in matric and FSc annual Board examination.
Faizan ZareefAzaan is my former student. He got 95% in his 10th federal board exams under my guidance. Another Student Tayyab Muhammad got his dream university admission..
Amna AzizStudent name Saba got 1000+ marks in metric exam.
Mehrab BashirI am a fresh graduate and currently looking for this opportunity.
Laley ErumMy GPA for the past 3 yrs IGCSE: Pakistan studies 75 – 82 % Islamiat 70 – 79%, sociology 80 – 85% Alevels Sociology 70 – 75% All exam based none is from predicted grades.
Tanzeela khanGood result
Muhammad usman mughalmany students obtain 90 plus in his exam
Amjad AliGreat
Hafiz Abdul QudoosI have been teaching students of Beacon House (6th and 7th grade) since 2019. They scored 80% and 87%.
AbidaMy student hamayal School saqqik public..got top position in his school.
Jam Wajahat karimI have number of students get top positions with great percentage.
M Nouman AkhtarHard work
Zara Abrar BhattiI score 1036 (94%) in matric, 1019 (91%) in FSc. My current CGPA in my BSCS degree which has done upto 4th smester and is still continue, is 3.70. These are my own study records. Moreover I taught the major subjects biology and chemistry to the matric students in an accademy ( The Ambitious Accademy) for two years. And students showed the marked results.
Jahanzaib shahidi helped my average students to pass matric and also my classfellows ( high achiever) thinks that i helped them in achieving good marks . and they achieved more then 90% marks
Sania FiazI am hard working and will produce good results. Many of my students scored good marks.
Muneeb SaleemWhat’s
Aqsa Rajputi’m a tutor since 7 to 8 years and also taught in school for 2 years i can communicate with students really well ì handled every student really well i know how to build intrest in student towards his/her studies all my students take positions in every class and every year
Muhammad Saqib Razabest communication skill, Ethical behavior, HR Manger
Adil RaufMy teaching record is impressive.Most of my students get good grades in school.
Aliza AhmadAll of my students hqve achieved great results under my guidance.I always encourage and help students with consistency.for example:One of my student aiman who was mentally disable child passed the class with good grades….
Syeda AmnaAs an experienced and passionate mathematics educator, my achievements in the field of teaching have been both fulfilling and rewarding. Throughout my tenure as a lecturer in a government degree college and as a private tutor, I have made significant contributions to the academic growth and success of my students. During my time as a lecturer in the government degree college, I had the privilege of mentoring a diverse group of students pursuing their BS Hons in Mathematics. I strived to create an engaging and inclusive learning environment that fostered curiosity and critical thinking among my students. As a result, a considerable number of my students achieved top grades and received accolades for their outstanding performance in various examinations. Furthermore, my expertise in teaching O levels mathematics has enabled my students to excel in their studies and surpass expectations. Many of my O levels students have achieved exceptional grades, and some have even received recognition at the national level for their outstanding performance in mathematics. Moreover, my impact on the educational journey of my students extends beyond academic excellence. I take immense pride in fostering a love for mathematics in my students, instilling in them a strong foundation that serves as a valuable asset in their future endeavors. Throughout my teaching career, I have received heartfelt appreciation from parents and students alike for my dedication, innovative teaching methodologies, and unwavering commitment to their growth and success. Their trust in my abilities and the consistently excellent results my students achieve are a testament to my passion for teaching and the positive impact I have on their lives. I am proud to have contributed to the success stories of countless students, and I look forward to continuing my journey as an educator, empowering more young minds to reach their full potential in the world of mathematics and beyond.
Hifza EjazI have never taught someone in any institute but i have been teaching my twin sisters since playgroup. They have given board exams of 5th class one of them scored 413/505 the other one score 430/505. Now they are in 10th standard. i have also taught them in 9th class i am waiting for their results that is going to be out on 22nd August.
ABID ULLAHHaroon one of my students his secure the 80% marks in the Matric exam.Fbise
Muhammad Azka AnisNo such mentionable achievements as tutor other than praise and satisfaction from parents of students on achieving outstanding grades.
Muhammad HaseebI have many students but for this purpose I enlist only the Denmark nationality students, who live in Denmark, and study in Denmark.
Faiqa ShokatNill
Kainat ShafiqueI teach students according to their methodology that they can easily understand. My students acheive A+ grades.
Maryam RamzanI have this honor of working voluntarily for a renowned online careercounselling portal titled “OPPORTUNITY CIRCLE”. I served as a student ambassador for this platform, and hosted carrier counselling sessions for the undergraduate students .I had provided my services as one of the six executive members of this organization I received apprenticeship from the Youth Association Of Pakistan during the beginning of the challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic. Under the domain of this organization I delivered awareness sessions to address the local people of my community regarding protection and safety, health and hygiene ,use of personal protective equipment and immunity boosting prophylactic measures to combat the virus. Completing online community engagement and awareness courses regarding SARS COVID-19 from WHO and HARVARD are few attributes that I have to my name I raised funds and collected donations from the civil society and provided food packages to the daily wagers and families who were economically affected by the pandemic I am engaged as an active volunteer for RED WASEELA WELFARE ORGANIZATION . On the behalf of which I raised funds to provide for the college fee of needy students. I have an experience of home tutoring elementary and middle school students for two year with a particular focus on STEM subjects. I successfully completed all the assignments of Common wealth 100 leadership course and currently I am a youth leader of common wealth. I had stood as runner up in OHDI photo competition 2020
MaazMy colleague secure good grade in their respective classes.
Kifayat UllahHi, I am A professional tutor and guide for School and College students. I prepare my Students in academic studies for any type of challenges. Many of my students in my mentorship got good grades and marks in their exams.
Muhammad Saad95 percentage
Muhammad WajahatOne of my student Arhum shah achieved 89% marks in his olevels exam feom computer science.
Hussain AzizPedagogy is an art and I’m an artist. Students are my apogee attaining good marks in exam and holding good ethics in imperial world.
Dr Adeen SyedMy students have gained distinctions in optional subjects as well as in compulsory subjects
Saqlain AbbasMy Five student score 1000 plus in matric and more others.
FatimaFatima has fantastic record in school level as well as in college level and she is now studying as a bs student with 3.67GPA
Muqaddas AbbasMy most students acheived great results under my guidance. I feel proud in helping his students to improve their grades and reach their academic goals. My mostly students improve their grades when I teach them.
Asif KhanEmaad Tahir got 88% in ICS and my recently student Rayyan got 90% in ssc1
Usama khanMany students in my Coaching Has achieved highest grades.
Shazia tabassamAssalam o alaikum.My name is Shazia.I have done my BS physics from a well known university of Pakistan.Being a bright student since my childhood i acquired good grades in my full academic.Besides this i also have a teaching experience of 1 year
Nawab Zahid HussainI will help my students to get high renks
Hafiz MobeenI excel at teaching and have a knack for helping students comprehend the subject matter effectively.
Ramla Khursheed
Sadia BatoolI assure u i am the best tutor many of my students achieve great results and got 99 percent marks in their exams
Ayesha MasoodI have taught a lot of students in Lahore previously. A few months back after shifting to Islamabad, my recent achievement is, one of my student scored 90% marks in 9th class.
SAIF ULLAHMy two students get 90% in Military college test
Aqdas ParvezI work hard with students,helps them in understanding conceptual work.
Shaheen ArifI teach so many students & they got excellent positions acc to their caliber. From My students Mr Irfan is one of student from Fsc Pre Medical Group got 85/85 and at matric level series of student got 90% marks. Its all depends upon students caliber i can easily move them to right path.
Usama NisarWhat’s impressive is that Usama has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Usama takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Abdullah, one of his former students, secured the top position in his board exams. Another student named Maria managed to score an impressive 90% in his FSc exams.
AishaAlthough i have not such students because i have not that much experienced , but the one thing that i am sure about it is i am very passionate about my job just like i had very passionate and good student in my studies , so that why i had done my engineering from public university on merit ,so one thing i am sure about that i will be very sincere with my students and i will ensure that i will help them in every way in their studies .
Maheen FatymahMaryam one of my former student aced 94% marks in her board exams and now she’s enrolled in Management and Technology in a renowned university.
Noor Un NisaNoor has helped many students improve their grade. One of her students went from a C in his Additional Mathematics Mid-Term exams to an A in his final CAIE. She taught a student the entire AS Level Mathematics and Physics syllabus in 4 months along with past papers and lots of practice and she managed to get an A (highest grade) in both the subjects.
Aliraza1000+ marks in matric of many students
Muhammad Hamza QureshiN/A
Rehan ZaheerMany students achieved good results , some are studying in PGC and some are applying for University admission .
Warda ShafiqAlhamdulillah i have so many successfull students …most of my students took full marks in subject of mathematics
Kian IjazOne of my student of grade 8yh achieved A grade in her English subject. 2 students had A* in business.
Zeeshan Ali.
Shujaat RasoolExcellent
Atiya InayatMatrix with 95% and FSC with 90%
Hafiz ZubairWhat’s impressive is that zubair has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Zubair takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Abdullah, one of his former students, secured the top position in his board exams. Another student named Maria managed to score an impressive 91% in his FSc exams.
Faisal AzizHardworking and passion
Jahan AraMy students got 90% marks in Matric
Shazia WaseemMy result percentage is Alhumdullillah more than 90 %
WafarubabBasically teaching is my passion and I love to teach that’s why I choice thsi profession instead of any thing and allhumduilhla all of my students get good grades in their exam
Rameen NawazMy students will definitely improve from their previous positions to top InShaAllah
Affifa shafiqueStudents acheived great results under my supervision.1.one of my neighbours child got 2st position in 9th class even that in starting he is not able to work by himself .He got 960 Marks.
Rajab ilyas HashmiShahzadi Wafa Got 93% In Chanab school and college F8/4 Islamabad . she is my Home tuition Student Also
Nimra IjazI havr been teaching psychology alevels from last year as I have done Alevels in Psychology aswell. Two of my students appeared in last may june session and one of them got A* and one got B. In last October November session one of my student achieved A in psychology.
Sidra Iqbal
Muhammad Tuqeer KhanForgot
Fareeah Naseem(1) Worked as a teacher for an online academy named “Binary2Meta”, where I taught Scratch programming to students, collaborating with educators and parents to enhance learning outcomes. (2) Worked as a Computer Lab Assistant at my university FAST NUCES Islamabad, where I actively assisted students in the computer lab, addressing their queries and imparting fundamental programming concepts and techniques to facilitate their learning process. (3) I gained valuable experience during a three-week role as an assistant at a home-based Montessori “Safe Hands” in bahria phase 4 islamabad, where I actively contributed to the care and guidance of children. My responsibilities included assisting in managing their activities and providing support wherever needed.
Farhan IlyasFarhan has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Farhan takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Aman Ashfaq, one of his former students, secured the top position in his cambridge exams. Another student named Rufaidah managed to score an impressive 90% in his FSc exams
Momina aliI have taught FSC biology repeater she improved her marks ….I also was instructor and mentor for entry test of Punjab University for a girl and she passed with marks which were greater than what average percentage of students got (65/100)
Maham TaimoorAimen is impressive teacher as she is well in her subjects and understand students as well.
Aqsa perveenI have teach many students but didn’t complete their sessions so don’t know about their grads
Duaa hamimeI am sincere with my duty.student education is my responsibility
Amna ZaheerI taught for about 6 months in Punjab school system in sadiqabad. And all of my students get good grades about 90%. Ahmad from one of my students topped in class and got 98% marks . And I also gave home tuition from almost 8 months to the students of grade 1 to 6 . I am very keen in my work and continue to start my new journey and new learnings.
Nimra AliMy students got 90%+ and improve their creativity skills as well also got positions in board
Farah JamilMany of my students achieve great results and get high percentage……
Abdullah TahirI have 8-years of teaching experience. Alhamdulillah many of my students have achieved high grades. In 2022, My all IGCSE students in the college got A & A*. In my Academy, my Matric & FSc students Mathematics & Statistics result was also very appreciable. One of my student in matric got 93% marks.
Irfan shafiqueMy I feeling pride by saying that with grace of Allah my student score good grades in Cambridge exams with best conceptual approach which help them to achieve future goals of life my most student hits scholarship for A level I always help my weak students by remidal approach which help them to improve their grades Abdullah H8 beachon house score 11 A with highest achievement another student Sara roots international scored 8 A
Mina SaleemMany of my students have scored A plus grades and are in reputable colleges
Junaid FareedI have a fantastic success track record. Many of my students have achieved great results under my guidance. I take pride in helping my students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Abdul Haseeb Ragib, one of my former students, secured the A+ grade in his board exams. Another student named Afnan managed to score an impressive 90% in his Final exams.
Sajida ParveenI m qualified in Msc statistics from university of arid agriculture Rawalpindi having 10years teaching experience in private and government schools and colleges with different subjects.
Amir ishaqI have an excellent teaching record .many of my student have achieved great results under my guidence .I take pride helping my students improve their grades and reach their academic goals.One of my farmer student Arij Mughal secured top position in board exams .
Farman Ullah KhanIn 2023 SSC II part got 5.68G GPA/6…one of my student got 5 th position in Fbise in SSC .
Sudais AhmedSudais is very capable and passionate about teaching and helping his students in every problem that they face in their studies. He has helped a lot of his class fellows as he is great at simplifying complex concepts. But being honest, he has not formally taught any student.
Owais Ali ArshadThe last student I teach he secure 90% in their board exams. Almost every student has achieved remarkable grades.
Engr Jawad haiderAll of my students gets A+ except some who get B
Muhammad Hamid NaseerSyed Mujtaba Rizvi promrted to O level
ZohaI prepared a set of A levels business studies notes and sold them in the market and among my juniors. Also I have been a TA at my college.
shanzay waqarStudent result is guaranteed. Teaching expertise and methodology is results oriented and had good grip on past papers as well . My students have achievement And success record is very impressive.
Ahsan IslamStudents finds my teaching methodology quite helpful, leading to improvement in their class performance and overall progress.
Fiaz HussainAsad Ali is one of my students who got 4A* and 2A in o level
Maira IzharSince I myself have done O/Alevel. With tutoring, I help my students with a good study plan to help them achieve good grades. I am a straight As student and I know how important a grade is for a student. Therefore, I help my students get straight A*s.
Amir aliBrilliant
Usama fazalI got 85% in matric and also secured PEEF scholarship in university.
Mohammad kamranI have two students of class 5th and class 3rd .when I started tution that time students condition on 45 percentage but alhamdulillah mow a days students reach to 90 percentage
Sundus GhufranAlhamdulillah my D grade students also get A grade
Muhammad IshaqYes
Tayyaba shahidMany of my students achieved good grades
Muhammad Sanan khanO and A level students require not just the memorization of the subject matter but also to grasp the concept of the subjects aswell, the outstanding thing about Mr Sanan is all the former and current students have exceptional concepts and can answer questions which ask their analaytical skills to be brought into play. Former students such Marwan, Abdul uzair and countless more have achieved A and A* in their O/A level examination which is testament to yhe teaching method of Mr. sanan
Zia Ullah AmaniA seasoned tutor with experience spanning over a decade and proud to mention numerous students with outstanding grades at various levels
Muhammad ShoaibShameer , one of his former students, secured 95% in his board exams. Another student named arham managed to score an impressive 92% in his matric exams.
Mubashir hassanI have teach many students and amazingly all of them have achieved their desired marks and scired as u have always focussed on conceptual teaching.
Muhammad Awais Ibrahimi will give the same results
Muhammad Abdullah TariqI haven’t taught any major classes yet but I’m a hardworking individual and will provide good results.
Warda yasminExperience of teaching international students.
Maira RaheemMaira has a fantastic success record. Many of her students achieved great scores due to her guidance. Maira helps students to improve their grades and so they can reach their academic goals. Many of her students got secured 90 plus percentange in matric and intermediate exams.
Mohammad Usama Sikadar.
Avaiza KhanI had top in 9th ,10th,1st year and 2nd year.
Misbah raniShukar ALLHAM DU LILLAH students got 90+%
Shazia Dawood khanProvincial top, world top by my stds in my subject
Bibi Rubab
Rutaab KhalidI have fantastic success track record. Many of my students have achieved great results.
Ayesha QaziI do have experience, as most of my students got good grades under my supervision.I takes pride in helping my students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. One of my students, topped in science and maths subjects while another student got 90% marks in English.
Nayab FarisGave private tuitions all students till now got percentage within 80 -95%
Anila nazYes
Muhammad SohaibMy last student Waris 535 in 9th class
Engr.Muhammad Rafaqat IshaqueMy students got above 90% marks in Math and Physics subject.
Tehreem FaisalStudents have acheived 100% result, those who were failing their classes achived successful grades such as Bs and As in their CAIEs.
Sonia KhanI have taught many Students currently one of my student Stood 5th in FBISE from Pasban APS and aroung mnay other students have secured more than 88%
Malika ZahidI have many student but the nouman the good position in his board exams, a testament to mine effective guidance and support. Additionally, simra exceptional score of 100% in her math exams reflects mine commitment to helping students reach their academic goals. I takes pride in his students’ accomplishments and their journey towards improved grades and educational excellence.
Mehlab FarooqiI scored 8A*s in my O’levels, Currently scoring highest GPA in my Degree Programme
Soha NavaidI am a gold medalist in Bs (hons) Physiology. Many of my students have received mind blowing results. I believe empowering lives through education is of the most humbling task that one can do. I am passionate in my cause and thus, I would like to spread the knowledge I posses to people who require it the most. My students Aleeza and Taha achieved A* in O level biology. My other student Zaha achieved A grade in Matric Biology. One of my brilliant student Fatima Adil made me proud by getting A grade in the subject. Zaviar also got A in his matriculation exams.
Rohama SarmadI have experience of almost 3 to 4 years in home tuition and 4 years as an academic teacher and coordinator. My recent batch is passed out with excellent result in board exams.
Saima AwanOne of my students hand writing improved a lot as well as reading. One of my student passed his maths exam after i taught him for two days only.
Hafsa TajIf I tell about myself what results my students achieved since I have started teaching them.. E.g., one of my student Alishay who was in grade 7 of beacohnhoyse school she was very weak in maths. Her maths is that much week that she was not not even able to clear the exam.. But than Alhamdulillah when I started teaching her she has not only passed Mathematics with good grades also now she is studying in grade 8. Another student of mine is Liba (grade 5) from Shaheen Public School Karachi. She was so dull in urdu. She was facing it difficult to read or write in urdu. But then she started taking online classes from me and now Alhamdulillah after mere 5 months she is not only able to read and write urdu in a proper way, even her progress of urdu improved from 50% to 82% in exams. Some of my students are waiting for their board exams result and are also very hopeful for good grades.
Mazhar Hameed khanmomin in a levels and Saba in olevels best grade holders
Nida shaikhI am very hardworking n loyal to my work my students have scored 90% marks in 9th std
Zonish QaiserMany students achieved great marks in guidance of Zonish. She improves and helps her students to achieve their academic goals.
Asra ShahreenCurrently I’m teaching in Bahria College Anchorage
Shehbaz Ahmed KhanAlhamdulilah last 5 years topper in federal board all my students
Hamid SattarMy student name munaza khalil got 1100/1100
AliAsgharA point of pride is my remarkable success track record. Numerous students have achieved remarkable academic outcomes under my guidance. I am passionate about elevating their grades and helping them attain their scholastic aspirations.An achievement that stands out is the distinction earned by one of my students in IGCSE Physics. This accomplishment underscores the effectiveness of my teaching methods and the dedication I bring to helping my students excel.
Inza mehroojI will try i also given good result
Muhammad HuzaifaI have been teaching as a Home tutor and my students got very good marks in FBISE , my student named Ali Raza got 1005 marks in Matric and my Student Mahnoor got 1008 marks in Matric
Abdul Qadeer KhanTeachers
Muhammad Husnain ManzoorMy students have cleared their entry tests, one of my stidents got admissiom in foreign universiry external program, one of my students is getting admission on aitchison
Taha Bin ImranMost of my students have achieved straight A’s result in their CIEs. Just last year 3 of my students got A in accounting and maths
Muhammad UsmanA student of mine named Haroon took B+ in bussiness studies in A-level. My students which were actually brothers named Umer and Ehsan in F.Sc and Metric qchieved 90 and 98 percent in Maths while I was teaching them.
Ghulam Murtaza BaigWhat sets Murtaza apart is his remarkable specialization in mentoring students who struggle academically. With a proven track record, he has transformed countless “dull” students into confident achievers. Murtaza’s dedication lies in elevating his students’ performance, helping them attain exceptional results and realize their academic aspirations.
Muhammad Hamza Iqbal ButtI took pride in guiding my students to achieve self accomplishment.
Jimoh Abubakar“During my time as a tutor, I had the privilege of working with a student named Aisha. When she first came to me for assistance, she was struggling with advanced calculus concepts and lacked confidence in her abilities. Through personalized guidance and patient mentoring, I helped Aisha not only grasp the challenging material but also instilled in her a newfound sense of self-assurance. I’m thrilled to share that Aisha’s dedication and hard work paid off significantly. She not only achieved remarkable improvements in her grades but also secured a place in the top 5% of her class. Witnessing Aisha’s transformation from a hesitant learner to a confident and accomplished student is a true testament to the impact of effective teaching and personalized support. Seeing Aisha thrive academically has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my teaching career. It reaffirms my commitment to empowering students to achieve their full potential and serves as a reminder of the profound influence educators can have on their students’ lives.”
Muhammad FaisalSecured position
Noor Ul Ain4 students score more than 85% marks in recent federal board result 2023
Abdul HannanI am teaching A levels student and he had achieved great result in his monthly assessments (80%). He is showing improvements in his studies.
Hafiz Muhammad AmjadMuhammad Ayaz got good Marks in his 88% in fsc
Muhammad UmerStudent got highest marks
Rimsha ZainabMany of my students have achieved great results under my guidance,and different thoughtful approaches to learning and studying. These approaches makes my students have a keen interest in learning and develop a love for studying. I take pride in helping my students improve their grades and successfully developing and reaching goals. For Instance, Muhammad Ayan,one of my former students ,secured the top position in his grade.
Muhammad saleemLaiba aheikh got 1080/1100 toper in distric. All student got 75% plus in my subject.
Imran IqbalLast student i taught Hassan he got 93% in federal board.
Waheed AhmedNA
M Asif NawazOne of My Student got 1051 Marks and mostly got more than 1000 marks in Matriculation. Some of my Students are teaching in different well reputated Cadet colleges.
Sajjad HussainI have exceptional record of my students’ success. My brilliant student Muhammad Abdullah got selected in Pakistan Army as 2nd Lieutenant. Another student Mustafa Najeeb secured 89% marks in class 9 exams and now he is in 10th class.
Hafiz Ahmed MaazI am teaching since 2021, during this period many of the students reads from me and get w good grades.
Kinza ArajGave home tution since last 8 years. A number students score 90% in board exams.
Hina namreenI am very sincere and honest my students gets awards every in from school and achieve good grades
Munawar shahzadOne of my students shehryar qureshi from frobels school in O level edexcel board 8 subjects and all 9 grades, another student from roots school 6th road campus Sahar Ajmal secured 470 in 9th class, another student from super nova school secured 3 A’s in O level sciences
Abid Hussain SabihSir Abid teach with dedication and full devotion, he owns the student and teach in way student take interest in studies himself ,become self-disciplined , he has proved his skills in past , His 90% students takes A plus and A grades in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, He is highly recommend for teaching O Level and A level Physics Chemistry and Mathematics
Saira*Your Child’s Success is Dr. Saira Shahzad’s Priority* – Top Home Tutor in Islamabad and Surrounding Areas! Dr. Saira Shahzad is a highly experienced and dedicated home tutor with a Bachelor’s degree in Homeopathic Medical Sciences. She has worked with children of all ages and backgrounds, from nursery to FSC level, as well as O and A levels. She has gained valuable teaching experience through one-year positions at Allied School, Beacon House, and APS. Her students have achieved excellent results, earning A/A* grades in O/A levels, and her versatility and adaptability make her an excellent choice for students of all ages and backgrounds. Dr.Saira is available for home tutoring online and one-to-one tutoring in Islamabad, Bahria Town 1-6, Safari Villas, Media Town, Pakistan Town, Police Foundation, Ghauri Town, and PWD Islamabad. Dr. Saira’s passion for education and commitment to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of children and young people are unwavering, making her an ideal candidate for any tutoring position. She has a wealth of experience teaching abroad, including three months teaching medical subjects to a student in Malta, six months teaching a fourth-standard student in the UAE, and two months teaching a primary 3 student in the UK. Overall, Dr. Saira Shahzad’s extensive experience, impressive qualifications, and dedication to education make her a top choice for parents looking for a skilled and experienced tutor for their child.
Tehreem Fatima70-90% scored
MUHAMMAD HAMMAD SHAHIDTutor Hammad achieve success through transformative mentorship and effective instruction. One notable example is guiding struggling students to significant grade improvements, instilling confidence and study skills. Developing tailored teaching methods for diverse learners, resulting in enhanced comprehension, is another achievement. Tutor Hammad is contributing to students’ research projects, fostering a passion for learning beyond the classroom, also stand out. The ability to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning exemplifies a tutor’s accomplishment. Such impacts extend beyond academics, shaping well-rounded, empowered individuals ready to face challenges with resilience and knowledge.
Sher Hassan khanMoazam also get 90% marks in 2018 at ssc level and got admitted at burnhall clg.Hamza scored 95% in 9th class exam in 2023
Shahzaib AhmadMany of his students take 1st grade in board exame like Ahmad which have to take 1014 marks in matric with science group & madia one of my students to take 945 marks in Fsc pre Eng
Wasif HussainWhat’s impressive is that wasif has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Wasif takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals.
Syed Mudassir ShahI help my students in achieving high percentage. Most of my students achieve more than 90%.
Aqib RehmanI am teaching since 2018 and I have a beautiful success records. I am teaching mathematics in academy. This year, one student got full marks in my subject in the annual examination conducted by Federal board. All students passed my subject.
Syed M. Kumail Raza RizviI have obtained 80% marks in my 1st year FSC exams.
Muhammad Usama IqbalGood Achievement upto 90%
KashafMy students improve and perform well in their circles.
Muhammad TanveerI have got very good experience of preparing students to get 90% and above marks. Marium Zahid topper of FBISE SSC 2022 is my student. Many of my students are studying in medical colleges and universities reference can be provided.
Uzma zamanMy student Nayab scored Straight A’s in Maths and Chemistry, A* in physics. Another student Areeba Shakeel scored A’s in chemistry and biology, B in physics and Maths.( O levels sciences) . Whereas, she scired two B’s in Pakistan Studies and A in islamiat. On the other hand a student from Business scored straight A’s in accounting , business studies and economics.
Waqar IqbalI am so hardworking that I take it personally. And in session 2022-23, My Matric student got 92% marks in board exams FBISE.
Muhammad HussnainMy students always passed there exam with good grades
Muhammad Waleed IqbalFresh
Muhammad Kamran KhatriMost of the students secured As and A*
Sara TanveerI teach my student of kg she is homeschooling and she did not know how to write but now her writing is so good now promoting to class 1 her parents are so happy
Hafiz Fraz AhmedMy CGS student got 1st position in fsd board
malik hammad hafeezmy student saria got A* in chemistry and biology
Javeria IrfanI have good academic record abd leadership qualities. I have passed my matriculation and intermediate with excellent academic record with more than 92% marks.
Ali RazaMany of my students have achieved great results under my guidance.
Najma AtifMy O Levels Student got A+ in Chemistry, Many of my students got 90+ marks. I taught to AQA chemistry and she got A in her chemistry. Ne of my KS3 Stood first in his class and there are many many stories
Asif shahzadYes
Shakir UllahMy one student toped in the Peshawar board. One is recommended for issb but unfortunately not selected
Attiqa WarisMy students of grade 10 recently passed with percentage of 90+.
SumbalI have a teaching experience of 4 years as a home Tutor.Many of my students have achieved great result under my guidance.
Atif HabibNA
Asiya safderI have taught Canadian students online and improved their grades in 6 months. Helped them in computer skills too.
Dr. Sajjad HaiderZiam, Ali mohsin, Ahmed and so many in past 15 years got A* in Cambridge A Level
Nida NajeebI have been a topper througour my master era and always secyred a higher percentage of marks becuse i focus on concept building
Habiba ghouriI have 90 %in akueb matric and inter
Nazish NiaziNazish has worked in many areas such as services hospital, bridge rehab center and special education and training centers. Apart of it she is running her own NGO and is a social activist. She had experienced vast amount of achievements and now wanted others to taste those delighted flavours of success.
Muhammad TalhaI have worked on myself so hard that I gain 95% marks in matriculation and 98% in FSc. I am studying in university on merit based scholarship. Also my students from home town have gained impressive marks in their exams.
Saiqa ShafiSaiqa has taught students of Ginnah highs school, Multan public school, Lahore grammer school and Nishat high school. My students have gained brilliant marks and their science subjects results were improved very much.
Naila tabassumOk
Mishal AhsanMy student Dua got enrolled in Bds program. Roshni and Hassan switched school from urdu medium to Beaconhouse they are now toppers in their classes.
Muhammad WajahatWajahat boasts a remarkable track record of success. He adeptly guides his students on their academic journeys, propelling them towards the achievement of their goals. His invaluable counseling paves the way for their future careers, resulting in impressive accomplishments by his students.
Pakiza KhalidThat’s great for parents & students also
Basit Ali1 got 1006 marks in matric and 992 in Fsc with science
Muhammad HassanMy students have passed financial management in first in BBA szabist, however there are many students in bba who have not cleared there financial management in 2 to 3 normally.
Muhammad FarhanMany of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. For instance, Talha Adeel, one of his former students, secured 96℅ in his board exams.
ASIF ALIMany of my students have got successful jobs in engineering in UK and Germoney and UAE
AlvinaI have no experience honestly. But i assure you I’ll will my best.
Imran AhmedDont understand what is question
Naeem Khalid80 percent of My students scored above 82 percent
Fiza BatoolNi
Maryam MujahidStudent scores 98% in exam
Maryam ShahidMy Students performed well.
Noor MobinNoor Mobin is an experienced tutor who is giving home tutions since last 5 years, his students are well aware of his capabilities and are grateful for the fruitful results they have obtained. For example his Pharm-D student Maria got an impressive A grade in Pharmacology
Simab ZaffarFrom 6 years I am teaching at Sir shehzad institute and my result is 100%.Similarly I am teaching at The Educators Sahar campus 2 (project of Beacon house) Mathematics and my result is also 100%, one of my student is the high archiver.
Zahida NaseemIn Sha ALLAH will do my best
Zuhabya AsifI make sure that my students reach their academic goals with the best of their abilities. Guiding and assisting the students in multiple ways, my students have the courage and confidence to excel in their studies and perform with exceptional results. My students are motivated to secure top positions not only in their academics but also in extra-curricular activities.
Zill E HummaI taught one year in The Educators, and my class gained first among all the sections of class, either it is curricular or co_curricular activities, any type of competition. On the other hand, my matric tution student gain 93% marks in examination.
Talha Bin Tahir ButtN/A
Ali Razahelp and encourage student to take position.
Hafiz YousafMy Students score good marks in Mathematics
Amal EjazMy student Lydia topped her in her whole school and achieved 90% in her Maths exam in Westminster school sharjah. Another student Hussain achieved A’s in her olevels in Maths, Physics and English ( that I taught). He went up from straight C’s to A’s
Muhammad Usman GhaniMy student shahzaib passed matric with 92 % marks and doing fsc pre medical
SumaiyaWhat’s impressive is that Sumaiya has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance.
Fatima shahzadiI have taught class 9 student , main subjects and she has scored 77% in FBISE .and taught Class 2 student .He was so dull and now he is Growing so well. Class 7 student Maths.
Mohammed UsmanN/A
Adan BakhoorOne of my former students who is a federal board student part-1 achieved 85% in her final exams. Another student took 2nd position in his school from class 8.
MARIA AJAZDistinction holder.
Shahbaz wakeelMy majority students got A grade in O / A level
AnumMy students has fantastic success track record.all students achieved great results under my guidance and i improve the results of the students
Umar FarooqWhat’s impressive is that Umar Farooq has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Aimen takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Abdullah, one of his former students, secured the top position in his board exams. Another student named Maria managed to score an impressive 95% in his FSc exams.
Abdul habibHabib has a fantastic success track record. many of his students has achieved their desired results. Habib takes pride in helping his students
Taha AhmadWhat’s impressive is that Taha has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Taha takes pride in helping his students improve their creative thinking, Mathematical skills and analyzing skills to improve their grades. One of his students named Ahmad, secured 90% in her FSc exams.
Kainat shahzadiMy all students secure good marks in their exams one of my student subhan got 2nd position in grade 3 in siddique public school one of my student shafia got 3rd position in beacon House school
Ghulam MurtazaAlhumduLILLAH it’s a pleasure for me to guide
Minahil RaufChildren who study with me always show excellent results. Im helping students to improve their grades and perform well.
Sahar ChandioAlhumdulillah my students achieve good results in my guidance.They always secure positions in their classes.One of My student secured the top position in his school.
Ridda ZainabI have a successful track record. I have home tutored more than more than 30 students in Islamabad-Rawalpindi and all of them have scored really good as compared to their previous records. I would like to share my biggest achievement here. I was teaching a student named Sinan who lives in Norway and was taking Online classes from me. He was failing maths continuously from 2 years. Although I’m not an maths expert but I worked on him and gave him tutions for 5 months . After 5 months when he appeared in exams he scored 70 percent. This was my biggest achievement.
KAMRAN HANIFi has demonstrated remarkable success as a tutor i have greate experience in computer.
Asad NadeemMy students always got impressive numbers in board exams.
Muhammad AdilI must she is hard working teacher,she took her responsibility very will and make her students will understand on each and every thing comes in there course
Muhammad HamzaI have done my bs in Islamia University and i was in top 5 students in Class. my student Zain Ul abdin Scored 1055 Marks in Tenth.
Nizam ud din90%
bisma khanall my students have 80% plus scoring record
Muzammil AbbasI’m a professional, dedicated teacher, aware of modern teaching methodologies,
Muhammad Rizwan KhanN/A
Saad Abdullah5 times PPSC qualifier, govt servant, PMS Aspirant
Syed Raees Haider NaqviAimen has proven himself as an outstanding educator with a remarkable track record. Numerous students have flourished academically under his mentorship. Notably, Abdullah achieved the pinnacle by securing the top position in his board exams. Meanwhile, Maria, another prodigious learner, achieved a commendable 91% in her FSc exams. Aimen dedication to his students’ success is evident in these achievements.
Muhammad Ammar KhalidMy students always perform well in the exams and they get top positions.
M.Affan QureshiStudent of 6 class got 98% under my guidance, class 1st student also got 98%
Muhammad Jawad RiazI had a student of class 10 of sindh board who had zero prepartion for his exams and I joined 2 months prior to his exams. Due to mine he cleared all his papers with good marks. His parents thanked me a lot
Muhammad Afzal HuzaifaMuhammad Saleem 90% Marks in Urdu FSC level,
Junaid AsmatI am proud to be a mathematics teacher as I love maths very much and tries to do mathematics with new ways. 4 students of O level have gotten A* in mathematics. Similarly one student from SSC rawalpindi board scored 88 % marks and many other got above 75%
Muhammad Mutahir khanOne of my students, Talha got 45% marks in his mid-exam then he started tuition with me and scored 79% in his Final exam.
Mujeeb ur RehmanStudents achieve great success such as Ahmed khan achieved 85 percent marks in matric.
Mohammad Ibrar Ul HaqGreat
Muhammad Attique HaiderIman Tariq scored 1067 out of 1100 in Multan Board, Talha Asghar scored 1075 out of 1100 in Multan Board
Muhammad Zain TariqMy students have achieved overall above 90% marks in Matric and Intermediate Exams
Raheela IrshadMy students have always shown good grades.I am one of most motivated and inspirational teacher.I have 5 years plus experience at college level and 3 plus years for tutoring to school level
Khalid Mehmood
EshwahI take great pride in my teaching journey, having had the privilege of instructing several students, including my own brother. It brings me immense joy to see their growth and success. Three of my students, under my guidance, achieved remarkable results by securing first divisions and showcasing outstanding performance. Their accomplishments fuel my passion for education, and I am wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting and nurturing students’ learning journeys. I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and expertise to help students excel and reach their full potential.
Eman ShakeelHardworking
zulqarnainMy most students outperform their counterparts students. and they got top grades in my subjects
Aiza yaqoobMany of my students have secured good marks in their recent board result of 10th class . For example one of my students Momina have gained 87 % marks .
BasharatTutor Basharat has an experience of 11 years with a strong grip of subjects.The satisfaction of students as well as parents has always been his top most prioritiy.Clearifying concepts in an easy way is his distinction.
Fara AbbasiMany of my Students have achieved great results under my guidance.For Instance Amama ,one of my former students secured 90% marks in SSC.
Syed Muhammad Irfan Shah
Rehman AliI have a good Track record as many of my students got 100 �� percent marks in the subjects that i taught them Coz i have experience in that subject as i got �� percent marks too.
NIMRA FATIMAInshallah I am 100 person efforts
Gulsher AhmedYes
Mehtab Ahmedone of my student HUZAIFA of class 9th i have joined him just 15 days before the exam and he got pass with 74% as he told me in a very short time of period. Another student of class 4 hajra and zakria of class 5 (Siddeeq Public School) got 92% and 80% respectively.
Azadar HussainI have been teaching 8n Islamabad,previously my student name Noor Janat nimra khan got 450+ Marks in federal board ….
Aqsa IbrahimI am very hardworking and diligent teacher and i used to teach my younger sister Tayyaba ibrahim and she scored 95%marks in 10th science group
Momna AmjadI am able to teach a student from the basic level. For example, a student of 7th class wasn’t even able to write complete alphabets and I teach her English and now she can write complete essays on different topics. Many of my students have got the positions in their respective classes.
AzhanWhat impressive is that he has experience of teaching a hafiz student SSC 9th and he score brilliant in the exam.
Muhammad Deen AdvocateMy student got 1028/1100 SSC in year 2023 FBISE.
UsaidStudents are satisfied with the complex concepts explanation by myself.
Ishrat HaroonIshrat has a fantastic sucess track record,Ishrat takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Another student named Niaz managed to score an impressive 91% in his FSc exams. Almost all of his student have achieved great resultvunder his guidance .
Muhammad waseemMany of the students of Muhammad waseem got positions in board exams
Muhammad Usman khanFahad ,one of former student, scored 1055 marks in matric
Furqan farooqMany of my students achieved good result.Theg got A grade in my subjects.My students managed to secure 90% in fsc exams.
Tatheer zahraAllhamdulillah teaching from 2012 and more than 100 students are at good jobs now
Sarfraz AhmadTeaching is One of responsible profession.Alhamdulilah I lot of Students Secure Excellent Marks 90%+ in Matric and 85+ % in Fsc
Jamal Abdul BasitIn this field, there are few achievements. But in my work I am highly educated, supportive and honest. I’ve had one year of experience in school and also teach at home after graduation. All my students get good marks during this period. I’ve got the parents happy with my performance.
Zoya malikCurrently teaching 2 o level students and 3 fsc & matric students & 2 students of class 3 & 4 and students have improved A & A+ grades from grade D.
Zoya khanI have experience of teaching students who needs extra attention in their studies.. and they results are improved 80%
Abi waqasYes
rahimamany of my dull students starts making noticable grades after joining olevel system…many of my students got A+ in ssc board exams…remarkable teaching of biology …beneficial for female students in regards of being comfortable
Mehak AliJazib Gill in pre o level clear in 90©
Muhammad SarmadI have excellent academic record with Paper published in an International Journal.
Ahmad SarfarazI have a superb concept oriented teaching methodology according to students interest and excellence.I believe in assignment and concept based learning eventually leading to students excellent result. Additionally, my students score superb in there end of term exams.
HinaMy student zynab and samiya got 95 percent in 9ntnt in federal board science group
Maleeha ImranAll my students have scored more than 90%, Alhamdulillah I have very good teaching skills.
Nouman Ali GoharMy student Mustafa got 87
Talha Bin MazharSome impressive achievements of Talha are that a student of Talha name Maaz is studying in cadet college lowertopa was guided and prepared by talha, also his student mishal scored 95% marks in federal borad in matric. In short Talha has a good skills in delivering the topic to students he used feynman technique in his teaching preperations. he belives that anyone can be a genius if he is mentored by a genius.
Muhammad Asad FeroziI’m hardworking and will produce good results
Tayyaba un nisaMy matric students achieved 93% marks in FBISE recently. Other achieved more than 80% marks. I also help students on weekend days if they need. My students feel free to ask me questions.
Syed Hassan Irtaza NaqviNo such achievement
shahira javedmy former student Aimen from Saudi a Arabia achieved good grades in maths and science in her previous session under.my supervision
Iqra subhanN
Arjuman TariqArjuman has a successive study record she can teach all subjects
Saima AtifSaima has a perfect skill for educational output.Alhamdulilah easily engage student for better results.
Alaqzumari have very good success record many of my students have got good results in thier exams
Arbab FatimaA student named arooba sajjad got tusions from me got 86% marks in pre engineering.
Muhammad Abbas mehdiAs a dedicated tutor, I am committed to helping students excel academically and reach their full potential. With a passion for education and a patient, approachable demeanor, I strive to create a positive and engaging learning environment. My personalized teaching methods cater to each student’s unique learning style, ensuring that concepts are understood thoroughly. Whether it’s tackling challenging subjects, improving study skills, or preparing for exams, I am devoted to guiding students towards success while instilling a lifelong love for learning
Zubair Bashir75/75
Muhammad JahangirI have some students who scored more than 90 percent
Haroon ShahzadI don’t have prior experience. But I will produce good results as I was a intelligent student and topper of my class.
abdul mannan sajid**Tutor Information:** – Name: Abdul Mannan **Student Achievement:** – Student Name: Abdullah Azher – Examination: Matric Annual Examinations – Marks Achieved: 90% **Teaching Details:** – Module Taught: CA First Module – Batches Taught: 2 – Batch Results: 85% success rate **Additional Notes:** Abdul Mannan has demonstrated exceptional teaching skills and dedication in helping his students excel in their studies. His students’ remarkable achievements in the Matric Annual Examinations, with one student attaining an impressive 90% marks, is a testament to his commitment to their education. Furthermore, his consistent success rate of 85% among two batches of CA First Module students reflects his effectiveness as an educator. Mannan’s efforts have undoubtedly contributed significantly to his students’ academic growth and success.
MaryamkhanThroughout my three and a half years of dedicated tutoring, I have had the privilege of witnessing remarkable transformations in my students’ academic journeys. My commitment to fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment has yielded significant achievements that reflect the effectiveness of my tutoring approach. 1. Bareera: – Transformed struggling math student into an ‘A’ grade achiever within 6 months. – Guided the student to excel in CATs, resulting in 80 % scores – Fostered a newfound enthusiasm for learning, leading to increased confidence and participation. 2. Imaad – Elevated language skills from basic conversational to fluent proficiency within 3 months. – Facilitated successful transition from ESL classes to mainstream curriculum. – Received commendation from school for exemplary progress and linguistic development. 3. Omaima – Mentored inquisitive science enthusiast to secure top osition in regional science fair. – Nurtured critical thinking skills and scientific inquiry, contributing to an impressive project. 4. Ayra: – Supported struggling reader in achieving significant Improvement in reading comprehension. – Implemented tailored strategies that improved reading speed and comprehension levels. These accomplishments stand as a testament to my unwavering dedication to each student’s growth and success. By customizing my teaching methods to cater to individual learning styles, leveraging real-world applications, and fostering a nurturing learning environment, I have consistently empowered students to surpass their academic goals. As I continue to tutor and inspire students, I am excited to take on new challenges and opportunities to make a positive impact on their educational journeys.
Mehtab Marwat1000+ My Students Selected in Medical Colleges and 80000+ Successful Students Alhamdulillah
Mehreen AyubAlthough I have minimal experience i hace helped students successfully attempt their exams and do well.
Muhammad Arshad KhanMy student Abdullah score1033 marks in 10th class also in recent result of lahore board zaineb my student score 931 marks
Kunza waqarI m passionate to teach my students with good teaching skills. And my students attain good marks in my subjects.
Arooj Farooqi
Amna FarooqMy every student got their percentage in 90s
MUHAMMAD IBAD ALITopped my college in pre-engineering
Zahid Nazeer khanI am a mathematics teacher.i have more then 5 year experience at elementary secendary and intermediate level.Many of my students impress my teaching method and got position in exam.
SadiaClear concept
Rabia kiranMy all students are quite satisfy from my teaching techniques and method and they achieved good score and levels u may check the teaching methadology for a week trial
Malaika yasinA student of mine from overseas appeared in accel crash course and secured B grade
Muhammad Yaseen SiddiqueCompleted bachelor’s degree in economics demonstrating strong academic performance and dedication to the field. Achieved excellent results in higher secondary school with commerce subjects, showcasing a solid foundation in business-related subjects. Provided tutoring services to O/A level and secondary school students in subjects such as business, economics, accounting, and statistics, showcasing a strong ability to effectively communicate complex concepts and support students’ learning since 2018. Worked as a research associate at a research firm for eight months, gaining valuable experience in conducting research and analysis. Currently serving as a lecturer in Economics at a government graduate college in Rawalpindi since January 2023, demonstrating expertise in the subject matter and the ability to effectively teach undergraduate students. Possess a B2 level in English, indicating a high level of proficiency in the language, which is crucial for effective communication and instruction. Strong understanding of math, providing a solid foundation for teaching and supporting students in quantitative subjects.
Muhammad Zain Ul AbdeenWhat’s impressive is that Muhammad Zain Ul Abdeen has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. He takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Abdullah one of his former students, secures top position in his school. Another student named Abiha managed to score an impressive 91% in his FSc exams.
Hania KhanNo achievements
Maryam asjadThe students who got classes from me are always satisfied and got good results.
Sidra SaleemSidra’s has a excellent success record .Many of her students achieved remarkable results under her guidance.Hania is one of my student she got good marks in O levels.many of other students scoured good grads
Iram YounasI have 7 years of teaching experience and still my services to a private school.
Tanseer khan……….
Samia ShakirGood record in school and college
Adeena RaheenI don’t have any specific School Experience.. But i have teach the students as a home tutor in Wah Cantt
Syed waqar ul hassanFresh
Muhammad UmarMany students have 85 % maks
Muhammad AslamHEC scholarships, Fouji Foundation scholarship
IHSAN ULLAHI’m an energetic, motivated and disciplined person. I’ve effective Teaching skills. My students have achieved remarkable positions in different fields.
Mrs Stella Emadwhat impressive is that Ms.Stella has an exceptional track record in the field of education ,specializing in accelerated learning and speech therapy.With herinnovative teaching methods,she has suuccessfuly helped students cover one year’s worth of syllabus in just three months,ensuring their academic progress and achievement.One success story includes her work with special needs students of different age groups 6 years old Esa,9 years old Hashir,12 yers old Eshal and 16 years old Ruwail all students has dyslexia and ADHD.Esa who was facing speech and behavirol challanges.Through dedicated speech therapy sessions,Ms.Stella enabled him to overcome his difficulties and start speaking and behaving like any other child of his age.She prepared Ruwail for O levels exams in six months he improved his grades from E to B+.Eishal not only improved her grades in IGSCE also learnt paintings from Ms.Stella and selling her paintings as well no body can judge her noe She is totally a different person now.Hashir is still with Ms.Stella although he was 9 but he has zero knowledge of phoneics Dr.Fiza who is a renowned psycologist refer him to Ms.She not only start with phonics also covered Nursery to grade 4th syllabus in a year and prepare him for school admission .This remarkable transformations has had a significant positive impact on Hashir’s academic performance and over all well-being.Today ,he is a confident and well-rounded individual,currently studying in grade 6.Ms Stella is passionate about empowering students and believes in providing individualized attention to cater to their unique needs.Her experience,coupled with her dedication and expertise in special education,sets her apart as a highly effective eductor.If you are looking for a talented and compassionate individual who can make a substanial impact on the academic and personal development of your child ,Ms Stella is the ideal choice.
Muhammad Hashir ShabirThat’s amazing
Hina ZulfiqarA+ grade in matriculation amd got 1st position on tehsil level. Secured A grade in f.sc. Got 4/4 gpa during master in NUST. Scholrship holder since matriculation
Muhammad FarooqI have a great track record at my institution as one of my student scored highest marks in the school. I feel pride in helping the students in understanding the concepts.
Tahir abbasMy students achieved good marks in matric and intermediate..
Amna IftikharWhat’s impressive in Amna has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Amna takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Hammad one of his former student secured 96% in his matriculation exam. Another student named Mahadia managed to score 90%.
Iqra munawarI m highly motivated and hardworking person . Students have achieved great results under my guidance.For instance, Ahmed bilal , one of my former students, secured A* Grades in Cambridge syllabus.
M HUSSAIN ALIMy student khizar has class cleared his FSC with A grade & now he’s enrolled in BSCS, one of my student has cleared ISSB tests, I even
IMRAN UL HAQ2nd position in sgd uni.
Musab UmairOk
Aaqib YounasWhat’s impressive is that Aaqib has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Aimen takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals.
Imtiaz Ahmed KhanIt is great to know that number of his students have secured more than 90% result in Matric and O Level Examination. He takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals.
Humaira ManzoorMy students in Pakistan, UAE and Qatar achieved A+ grade in Computer Science in A/AS Levels and IGCSE and GCSE and IB exams. For example One of those were Mubarak Alam from yamen . He is now studying in Oxford University, the other one was Abdul Mateen currently studying in university of Sharjah.
Ayesha AslamThroughout my professional career, my students as well as my organization have shown tremendous results.
Kashif AliMy former student swera got admission in MBBS in Sims
Waris HameedMy Students got excellent markes
Muhammad Bilal AslamMy student is Talha whose get above 85% marks in matric
Amina YounasI make mt students comfortable with me first. We study in a blissful environment maintaing friendship.
BenishMy students always get upto 90% mark..i am claim that my students always get good marks
AyeshaMy students always achieve good results
Amar KamalI am currently teaching at an International Institution where my academic progress and results are up to the mark.
Muhammad Naveed HashimHasseb got 2nd position in BISE MULTAN, Manzor haider got 1st position in BISE MULTAN, ramisha fatime got good position in BISE Lahore
Nazia ParveenStudent studying in fazaia college i showed a lot improvement in studies.she was failed in sendups but with supervisor she learn how to do exam oriented study and got 85%marks .whereas another student who was average got 94& marks, Kamran Ali 95 % gdp piolet now Maria ehtisham MDCat studying in med college
UsamabuttI have certificates of producing excellent result in school. I teach the many students and they produce excellent result.
Zafar AliMany of my students got distinct positions in boards and are at good places around the world.
Muhammad AkhtarMy one of student got 495/520 in 9th class
Muhammad Faizan MueedAbdul Hadi took 1002 from 10th and Iqra took 461 from 9th class and many other examples are there.
Nadeem Akhtar khanOne of my student got second and other got third position in matric secondary board
Saad awaisi have done master in physics in 2019, i have working as a physics lecturer. I’m working physics, math teacher as a visiting faculty.many of my students obtain 95% marks. I’m also working as a tutor from last 4 years, one of my student obtain 89% marks.
Almas saleemHello, my name is Almas and i am over 20 years teaching experienced teacher. I have taught in many renowned school of karachi and have taught all International boards students. I have 120 hours TESOL certification and bachelor’s degree in Arts. i passed with first division. I have on my credit many teaching certificates and awards.
Sana Bhatti2 of my IELTS students passed their test and some of my students got good grades in matric.
Waleed AhmadI am waleed ahmad from rawalpindi and currently enrolled in my bachelors degree program. I am always passionate about my own studies as well as the students to whom I teach also. I have outstanding marks in my matric and fsc grade with 95% and 90% marks. Along with this my students also acheived excellent grades in their exams.
Rabia SaeedI make sure that student understand concept rather than memorizing stuff
Syed Danish AhmedOne of my students of class 8th topped in his maths final exam in his school.
Nimra AwaisMany of Nimra’s students achieved improvement in their grades and reached their academic goals.
Rabi shahScored 94% in FSc exams.
Qazi Abdul GhafoorWorking in international scientific research projects in Italy and China remotely. Recently won scholarship in Poland for PhD in Astrophysics and Cosmology for the session starting from 2024
QuratulainMy student has achieved an impressive score of 90% in both 10th and 7th Grades
Adnan KhanBio
UmnaAlhamdulillah one of my students abdulwahab got 92% marks in FSC premedical. One of my student fazal from LGS got 94% marks in pre olevels.
LaraibI have been a hugh achiever all along. I studied at beaconhouse and did my matriculation with 1000/1100 marks and then did my fsc from Punjab college and scored a 89 percent at my fsc too. I have had tutoring experience before and my students have scored good grades.
Afshan IftikharAs i have 18 years teaching experience, in my whole career not a single student failed in my subject. I am strict but students and parents are always more than satisfied with my way of teaching.
Tuba AliI am beginner but i am currently doing my a levels and will be happy to pass on my knowledge
Laiba mehtabI am doing home tutoring since two years.My students got positions in their class,also theirs concepts are cleared.I am also topper in my class and my struggle is to make education an easy for students not a burden,they should enjoy what they are doing
Huzaifa FaisalOne of my very brilliant student name Amina got 85% marks in her 9th standard .I started her teaching before 1.5 month ago from her exam and she hard work alot and got very good marks and Alhumdulilah I have many more example of this.
Samaha Nadeem.
Sarah Tahawwer Ali registered with Hamza Inam sbSarah takes pride in her PBL activities (project based learning) AND STEM (science, technology, engineering,math) integrated curriculum.Her students develop and learn inquiry, critical thinking,reasoning,creativity and problem solving.She helps her students develop confidence and helps them excel in all areas of literacy, science and numeracy by usage of blended methodology.
Arooj fatimaWhat’s impressive is that Arooj has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under her guidance. Aimen takes pride in helping her students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, eman, one of his former students, secured the top position in her board exams. Another student named Maria managed to score an impressive 93% in her matric exams.
Muhammad Haris Saeed3 of my students got admission in government medical colleges
Rimsha ShahzadI can teach students according to their level
Muhammad ShakeelRecently my 9 class student got 86% and 10th class got 89% marks.
Farah BatoolI have a successful track record. I have been a college teacher for two years. Many of my students from first year to M.A level have secured A grade. One of my fsc students has secured 90 percent in her final exam. I have taught o level and A level both English language and litrature with excellent result.
Asad ur RehmanI have tutored many students and all of them have a record of scoring more than 75% in their exams. Olevels is a complex stage at which students require the right guidance and way of being tutored and i aim to achieve that. All of my students are pretty satisfied with my teaching style and my way of communicating.
Fatima AbidMany of my students scored top grades.
Sameera BabarI taught Ahmed Yasir of Class 5, who was the weakest student of the class just for five months of his Academic year, he stood first in the class Mystudent Aqsa Majid of LGS got A*in Math in O levels last year.
Nayyab khalidhadia fatima and jalal are my obedient students they are studying in my tuition they got 1st position in their annual exams.
Umair BilalThe top contribution is in the O levels Accounting where none of my student got less than A.
RayanRayan has taught some students since he has started teaching, so far his students did great with his help and parents were satisfied with their progress.
Arisha KhalidWell done
Javeria KanwalI have got an overall grade of an A in my O/A levels. I have a record of teaching from the past 5 years as i have taught students through home tuitions and have also worked in karachi public school as a class teacher and a subject teacher from grade 1-5. I take great pride in my teaching skills as i am a student myself, i know the tricks on how a student needs to grasp on the subject he/she has a difficult time in.
Shama MukhtarAlhamdulillah! By Grace of Almighty Allah, my students always showed fantastic results, hence achieved their academic goals. One of my student, got 960 Marks in FBISE. I also offer home tutiton
Imtiaz AliScholarship qualified
Laiba SohailI did teacher assistance in university from last 1 year in field of object oriented programming and programming fundamentals. I teach students online in field of mathematics 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and programming courses and website development and canva course.
Muhammad AfzalMost of my students have passed their Exams with excellent marks
Majid HassanGood results in matric o level computer and ics math stat computer. 15 years experience in DHA EDUCATION SYSTEM LAHORE
Kanwal ShaherzadAlmost 70% A or A*
Muhammad Irfan siddiqueIrfan is topper of ppsc in Punjab in economics and is currently teaching in asghar mall college to Bs students of economics and geography and in statistics department, also teaching privately at Khurram foundation and superior college
Muhammad Adnan80 percent in matric
Haveda KamalMy students have Scored As and A*s.
Zulnorain Noman
Mudasser IrshadI strongly believes in quality education with results oriented approach to maintain a good communication and make sure they understand everything crystal clear.
Zahid MehmoodMany students achieved good grades
HuzaifaA*,A and 2 B in A levels, data analytics professional certification from Google
Nisar AhmedYes
Zeeshan Qaiser KhanCoached 200+ students till now. 78A’s in Computer Science, 121A’s (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics).
Tazaeen AsgharHardworking to complete the courses and have test schedule
Muhammad mazhar MalikMore than 90 percent of my students achieved A and A* through personalized tutoring
Syed Habib Ullah SarimWhat’s impressive is that Abdullah has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance
Saiqa yaqoobMy student got 74 marks in chemistry overall result is 99%
Usman AhsanMaham, is a Student from NUML University who has achieved 3.9 CGPA is her 2rd Semester. I have also helped many Students in their engineering and software FYPs.
Roeela KausarMy M. Phil students presented research papers in different universities and colleges and they got best researcher award.
Jay-jay Joel G. MagdirilaActively participated in forums and trainings
SAEEDSarah , Rimsha and Others secured A* ( 91< )
Mehwish MariamI Know grades are equally important but I take pride in student’s improvements in creative writing and analytical abilities. My students got significant difference in their grades. and.
Sadia MushtaqMost of my students achieve more than 90% marks in biological science subjects
Mehreen AjazSecured 91% marks in matric got laptop and scholarship through out my education and
Sania AsifMy students also score above 80% marks in matric exam
Hafiz Muhammad AhmadTo list a few 15 students of mine have got above 90% in their recent matriculation examination. Among those are husnain, zawya, zimar, suqlain and ayela have outshined other students by achieving 94% marks each in their matriculation examination.
Muhammad AkhlaqIn 2020, I accomplished my Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Kohat University of Science and Technology. Following that, I achieved a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree in Statistics from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad, as evidenced by the detailed information available in my attached CV.
Bilal YaqubWell, I have a list of achievements, which I have discussed in my CV. But recently, I got an offer of a full-Funded Scholarship from Universitas Indonesia. I will try my best to assist any students to whom I provide my tuition service and help them get enough scores in their particular subjects based on my experiences.
Izza NadeemI have a fantastic track record. Many student secure really good marks under my guidance. I was teaching a student from Saudi Arabia and he got 90% marks in his final exams.
IrfanJames UK, Dana UK
Hamna IshtiaqMany of my students have achieved great results. I take pride in helping my students, improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Maleha , one of my former students, secured the top position in her federal board exams. Another student named Manal managed to score an impressive 96% in her matric exams.
Ammar khalidMy student named Harris scored 1051 in matric another student talha scored 1046 and a student named tahoor Fatima scored1035 , taqdees Zahra scored 1005
INAM ULLAH KHANMy students Rizwan Sohail achieve A grade A level.
FarihaI have knowledge to engage students in multiple activities related to topic.
Dr Hashir KhawajaI have a very good experience in teaching and I was able to ignite the interest and self learning abilities in the children I have taught in past
Saman ZehraMs Saman Zehra has an impressive success track record. Many of her students have achieved great results under her guidance. She started her carrier with struggling students and with her devotion they were able to improve a lot in their weak areas. She was able to guide many brilliant minds including M.Asad, M.Abdullah, Emaan Fatima, Saba Gul, Zainab Bajwa, & many others. All of them got 4+ GPAs in the subjects taught by her.
Muhammad HuzaifaA student has scored 81% marks and others result is waiting
AqsaWhat’s impressive is that Aqsa has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Aqsa takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals., Abdullah, one of his former students, secured the top position in his board exams. Another student named Aqsa managed to score an impressive 91% in his FSc exams.
Umm e farwa100% results
Anoosha MaqboolI have teached 8th class after my FSc in school half of my class got 90%+ scorea which was very impressive for me.
Zahra Zulfiqar99
Hassan FarooqI have no experience in tutoring but I have strong grip on my subject.
Aqsa choudharyWorking as a dog developer
Muhammad Faiz HassanMalaika Icom 89%
Muhammad Imranstudent name Abdurehman got 86% marks in matric
Huzaifa Shahzad97% in matric
Bushra FahdTaught ACCA
Batool BaqarNo achievements as such. I have one plus point is that I have an experience of teaching on a reputable school for 9 years. Also nearly 2 years experience of teaching English online. I also have a British accent
Syed Baitullah shahOne of My student Adeeba manage to score 90 in First year Physics
Misbah khanI am a very polite teacher and under my guidance, students achieved very good marks. I also teach a disable student of 8 class who has difficulty to understand and he secured 3 position and very happy. My another student who was in 9 class a very good student and secured 85 percentage. Under my teaching method students are very comfortable.
Muhammad ikram90%
MomnaEman got 88 percent
Maria MustafaMost talented student in class
Awais AhmedStudents learned with conceptual techniques
Engr EemanMy students score A* in their exams.
Ayyaz Ahmedi hope student will feel easy math if they think it as a tough subject
Mohammad Tauseef HaiderNot much
Usama MangolAgreed
Hassan naqviTalha got 94%in matric alot of A grades in igcse
Ali NasirI am able to make students to be in top 5 in the class,my student also get straight A’s in his olevel
Maryam YasmeenStudent named Ayan Aryan secured 91% marks in 9th standard, another student Zahra Naseem Qureshi secured 81% marks in 9 Standard.
Dr.sohailMostly my tuttion student score 80+ marks in their exams and good assignment home works inshort good remakes from school or university
Muhammad HammadAyan and Suhera score a good achievement in 5th shandard
Farkhanda FarooqUbaid-ur-Rehman one of my students in Pakistan archives excellent marks in mathematics and also all the other subjects in matric.. another student name haseeb scoreA+ grade in matric ..and also junio level students score good marks in their academic year..
Muhammad Ayyoub95
Komal AroojMy student name is Dua who is not good in study.But I will manage everything to get her good marks
Ghulam Yaseen MaitlaMy students are studying in different universities all across the country.
Engr. Sohaib YounisTo pass the supplementry students(Failed students)
Aqib ShabbirSame
Noor Ul Ain TahirMany of my Matric Students have attained above 90 % marks. My A levels Law and Sociology students have A+ grades. One of my student Faizaan got AH in law by just preparing in 4 months.
Fateh UllahFateh has an outstanding history of achievements, showcasing his impressive success. He takes pride in assisting students in enhancing their grades and attaining their academic aspirations. For instance, a former student named Yousaf Khan, who was mentored by Fateh, achieved the top position in his board exams. Another student, Fardan, managed to attain an impressive 93% in his FSc exams, highlighting Fateh significant influence on his students educational paths. In addition to these accomplishments, Fateh has also provided guidance to numerous students who successfully gained admission in various cadet colleges across the country.
M ILyas MehsudPrepared many Students for Exams and scored 90%+
Umer MehmoodPosition Holder Lahore Board 2019 Umer Mehmood (98.8% 1086/1100)
Raza QasimRaza’s remarkable success track record speaks volumes about his exceptional teaching prowess. Countless students have flourished under his tutelage, attaining remarkable achievements that stand as a testament to his dedication and expertise. Raza derives immense satisfaction from the progress of his students, consistently striving to elevate their academic performance and propel them toward their educational aspirations. A shining example of his impactful influence is Ali, a former student who soared to new heights with Raza’s guidance. Ali’s remarkable feat of securing a remarkable score of 1098 out of 1100 in matriculation is a direct reflection of Raza’s commitment to nurturing academic excellence. Such exceptional outcomes showcase Raza’s unwavering commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment and equipping students with the tools they need to excel.
Fazal ElahiMany of my i.Com student score above 80% marks im federal board examination. One of my 8th grade student get admission in cadet college.
Hafiz Atta Ur Rehman70% to 80%
Qareena AdnanMostly OLevels student score grade B minimum and grade A* maximum
FARRUKH HASSAN KHAN95% above results
Tayyaba QureshiI own my academy and my students even vry dull students got more than 800 marks in SSC science group.
Naufil Abubakarنو ایکسپیرینس
ImranMy students get very great results
Mirza Haseeb Baig90% improvement in the marks of my intermediate students after I start teaching them, my strategy is simple and effective which is “discussion”. Discussion encourages the students to be attentive and make their contribution in the class
Hafiz Zeeshan AliI’m working as Biology Teacher since 2019. Alhamdulilah my students got selected for MBBs , BDS and other professionals degrees by securing excellent grades.
Naveen ZafarFatima has earned her admission in city school after tutor Naveen’s help
Syed Sabtain Ali ShahYes
Muhammad QazeemAlhamdulillah!Adeel managed to score 92% in Matric exams.But regularly Results. are excellent
Mobin AhmedShe was an outstanding teacher with a great experience of paper pattern and checking schem.
Ammara ShahidMy students get good grades in annual school result and also in board results
Humaira kiyaniMy students pass iELTs exam fith 4 5 6 bands
RaheelFSc 78%
Hussan AraHussan Ara has awesome success track records.Many of her students have achieved good results under her guidance.
Ayesha javaidMy student Tarbia farima showed very good result in FSC exam almost 90%
Tajdar AhmedOne of my Student Moosa secured A+ in all subjects and got an impressive positive in 3rd Grade.
Akbar mahmood91%
Syeda wadiaHey, i have just entered in this field this tear and without any doubt I can mention that I have taught English language in Academy and my students and their parents are satisfied with my work.
Tasleem Akram
Heba ArshadMy students after having coaching have improved from B grade to A+in maths, science.
Abid Ali RanaAlmost A+ or 100% pass percentage
Rimsha AshiqMy students always make good academic record under my guidelines. They achieve good positions in their Classes. I can also improve the students creative and communication skills.
MAHAM MEHMOODMaham is an excellent teacher, during her teaching in the eductors school every year her students gets 100 percent results. she herself is a distinction student in MS in NENU, China.
Alishba HameedI got 94 % in 10 board exams and was included among top 100 students, rather than this I am freelancer and I have also published research paper in my academics.
Atif ashrafAsim Ali gain 95% marks in his matric
Warda MansoorI have experience of teaching convent school’s students.
Tahreem SadiqWhat’s impressive is that Tahreem has a fantastic success track record. Many of my students have achieved great results under my guidance. Tahreem takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals.
ANUM RASOOLI’ve done (DPT) Doctor of Physical Therapy from Dow University of Health Sciences as i mentioned above I’ve won many prizes in writing competition i got 89% in matric and got scholarship from school Alhamdulillah i have a great track record in teaching so far I’ve taught many students and my every student secured good results and are doing good in their lives recently my student got 97% in class 8 i teach with honesty and have a sense of responsibility if i take any student i make sure that he/she will be able to get their desired results and make their parents proud.
MominaMomina a experienced teacher She is doing bs in accounts and finance and has more than 7 years of experience as a tutor. She loves teaching math, computer, economic, business and science and is really passionate about it. What’s impressive is that momina has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance.momina takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. Her dedication to providing a better learning experience sets him apart as a tutor. Currently, momina specializes in tutoring Mont to 8 class students. Also teach fsc igsce and o a level. If you or someone you know needs help in these areas, she’s the expert you can count on. Plus, she offers home tutoring services in Islamabad making it convenient for students in those areas. So, if you’re looking for a dedicated math, science and junior tutor with a proven track record, momina is the person to approach
Shuja HashmiI have 10+ years of home tutor Experience and In 10 years my students Achieved Great result. 85% of my students get A grade in A/O level and 90% get more than 85% marks in Board Result. Recently (2023 May June Result of A level) My students get A grade in Business Group.
BinyameenMy students M.Irfan in 8th grade he got the first positive in his school that my achievement I got it at the end of 2022.
Irum ShahzadiIrum shahzadi has a wonderful success record in her teaching duration of 7 years. Her students always achieve remarkable position with good marks in board and universities.
Muhammad ShehzadSania Atta secured admission in RMC with 91%
sameeraResult-oriented professional with over sixteen years of experience in administrative, academics, financial and logistical support roles with the education industry. Demonstrated leadership qualities, strong work ethics and a passion for delivering exceptional results.
Arsalan AliMany of my Fsc students scored 100percent marks in Chemistry in BISERWP and scored first position in board exam.
Naveed khanMy students have shown stable score in Pakistan and in UK as well.
Neelam AliMany As and A*s
Tabish HussainMy Mansoorah school 9-10 classes hd always 100% result
Fakhruzamanyess inshaAllah I will do my best with struggle
Aqeedat AwanI can teach in a friendly and in a more practical way than that of ratta based. I already practiced hone tuitions and the students teach obviously scored very well.
MaryamMany students get a garde in o level
HamidaI have been able to help kids finding reading difficulty read
Alia kanwalAlia takes pride in helping her students improve their grades and reach their academic goals.
Nafeesa abidOne of my students were afghan who don’t know how to speak urdu and English now they can speak that and moreover they are now topper of their classes
Asma ShahidThirteen years of Asma’s teaching experience she has a fantastic success track record. Many of her students have started their own business. For instance, Eisha Khan, her 1st batch student has started her own business named “wellness esthetic” in Lahore. Another student named Hina secured top position in physics exams. Some of her previous batch students are now in different fields like some are doing as dentist in Fatima Memorial Hospital, one of them is doing job in a gym as dietitian. A student named Junaid (2nd year student) started his online work with studies. Asma don’t just teach students a subject but she also guides students for their bright future
Mahrukh MaryamBy the grace of Almighty Allah I am the proud teacher of many students. My student’s secured 92% marks in Board and FSc. Furthermore, the students preparing for entrance exam at cadet collage are now studying Military college Jehlum.
IzaI have many student whoare nill nut then they started study they doing there best and one of student domt lmow how to speak urdu and how to write urdu amd now alhumdullilah they know
Shahzaib HassanI’m mdcat qualifier(BDS -2019) have 5 years experience of teaching to fsc and Mdcat classes. My students attained more than 90%.
HumeraashrafHajra get fantastic score in his school .
Iffat ZakaI have and experience of 9+years of teaching and my students got good marks in Mathematics
Meezab shehzadMy students scored good in exam
Javaid iqnalMany of may students have achieved high marks , Maheen najam ,Faiza Aslam , Abdur Rehman ,1084,1082 and 1069 respectively, many of my students Ambreen shahid and Asad khan got A in o leve, in F sc Noreen Akhter, Sawera Ashaq , Faizan Haider Got 470,455,440 respectively l
Maham HashamExpert in English
Nouman ul.hassanMy studenst got always 90plus marks.Am working with a lot of students from last 4 years.My students results always good.
Muhammad Aleem AsifHundred percent result ratio
Mohammad Hussain MohsinI have been teaching in a private school for few years
Noor us SabahNil
Manan AbrarNoor Fatima scored 1025/1100 in Matric. One of my student scored good mmarks in SATS exam. Another student named Ume scored 87% in FSc.
Adil ShahzadI get 84% in matric and also complete my final degree with 3.02 cgpa
Mehwish Hassanam excited to apply for the home tutor position, leveraging my strong academic background and passion for teaching. I achieved excellent grades throughout my education, including in matriculation and higher secondary school. In my bachelor’s degree in engineering, I not only secured a degree with a high GPA but also excelled in subjects like mathematics and physics. My dedication to academics was recognized with a gold medal. I am confident in my ability to deliver engaging and effective tutoring sessions to help students succeed academically.
Sadia QayyumTahreem Fatima scored 98% in Matric fbise
Kiran ShahzadiNo
Engr.rijahigh achiever of chemistry, biology scored 94 marks and specialist in English grammar
Aimun ZaheerI am teaching junior grades (PG-grade6).. I have reached basic learning skills to students.. My students got 99% marks.. Some of my students passed test in other countries. And got admission there.
Laryab NawazTutor Laraib focuses on Syllabus Completion, Tips and Tricks about Exams, Test Conduction, Concepts Clarity, Extra Study Material, Teaching Methodology for effective comprehension and Career counseling.
Muhammad ZubairTariq suaid Bulghari got 98% in fbise
AynaI will help my students and co operate with them and try to gare up the grades
Adeel AfzalAdeel Afzal: Expert Tutor in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Science My name is Adeel Afzal, and I hold a Master’s degree. I am a dedicated educator specializing in teaching students from the junior level up to FSc/O level. My teaching expertise spans across subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and general science. Through unwavering commitment and diligent effort, I consistently achieve commendable results in my teaching endeavors. I take pride in the accomplishments of my students, and I am delighted to share the achievements of some of them who have secured more than 90% marks: Ayesha Khan Malik Haseeb Their success is a testament to the effectiveness of my teaching approach, coupled with their hard work. My teaching specialization encompasses a wide range of academic levels, including Class 1-8, Pre 9th-10th, FSc, ICS, FA, and ICOM. Additionally, I have expertise in teaching the O Level Science Group and A Level Mathematics. I offer my tutoring services for both home-based and online learning. The areas I cover include Gulberg Green Judicial Colony, Fazaia Colony, Chaklal Garrison, Saddar, Chaklala Scheme 3, Adyla Road, and Gulshabad Rawalpindi. My operational base is situated in Islamabad-Rawalpindi. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to nurturing academic excellence, I am dedicated to guiding students in their journey towards success in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and science.
Adeel ArshadAs a student of mathematics i am good in mathematics. One of my student get 100/100 marks(maths) in class 8th and second student got 435 marks in class 9th
Syed ali imamI have excellent record. My students have shown great results. Last year my 15 students got 85 out 85 in chemistry and my 5 students ontained A* in o levels.
Khunsha AmjadKhunsha has a tremendous success record. Many of her students have achieved great results under her guidance. Khunsha takes pride in helping her students to improve their grades and reach their academic goals. Its a real time example, Abdulalh Muhammad Khalil, one of my currents students, secured very good grades while studying at The Oxford School, Dubai. Another real time example, Asad Sikander, one of my student improved a lot in his GCSE exams while studying in a UK based institute in UK.
Zarish MariamMy students achieved good grades, they improved their written and verbal skills with me. Their handwriting got better. I helped students with critical analysis.
Amina SarfrazOne of the mine student, named zainab managed to score an impressive 85% in his matric exams.
Adil Latif90%
Abd Ur RehmanMany students are enrolled in NUST Islamabad and EME Campuses
RehanMy all student alhamdulillah got position in board and currently my student pass the supplementary exam
Muhammad AzharMuhammad Azhar himself has an excellent success track record. He’s secured 3rd position in Intermediate from Rawalpindi Board. As far as his teacing is concerned, he’s a fresher and he’s no experience of teacing yet. However, he’s passionate to take refuge in this sacred profession.
Muhammad Usama MaoudWhat’s impressive is that Usama Maoud has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Usama Maoud takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Abdullah, one of his former students, secured the top position in his board exams. Another student named Rai Yousaf managed to score an impressive 80% in his matric exams.
Omme FarwaExcellent
Muhammad Ahsan islamTayyab score 476/505 in First Year sanabil obtain 1072 in matric 2023
Sinthiya ChauhanTutor
Ali RiazMt Student Rooma obtained 480 marks in 9th class.
Sehrish Aslammy mostly students grade 1-8 got first position in final exams and metric FSC students also get 85-90 % marks
Muhammad Arif Khan NiaziI sir arif is experienced business and accounting teacher have extra ordinary expertise , my students 80% got A and A plus grades , in accounting and Business studies
Farhen Arooj1st division in All degrees
Sania FarooqEshal got 94% abdul hadi got 98%
Laiba FarooqMy student kamran haider got 997 marks in matric and 58 out of 60 in my subject bio Another student safad also got 87%marks in chemistry also the students of my academy score amazing marks
Faisal JabbarNo
Muhammad dilshadYasir abbas got 94 percent in matric,and another student gor 98 percent in fsc medical.
Zunaira BatoolI am good in mathematics and physics.
Areesha GillaniOne of my student is now in PMA.He was a student of beacon house and was taking tution services by me.
SADDAM HUSSAINTwo students of matric got 1st position,3rd position. And 1 fsc student got 945 marks in fedral board.
Shehrbano shamsherRecently I teach beacon house students.boy and girl both are getting good marks
Ahmed AliMy students Score Minimum 80% Alhamdulillah. One of my student Ayana Scored 92% in Class 5th and Stood 2nd in her class in Lacas Milestone. Another Student Hassan Scored 91% in 8th grade at Beacon House School system and was 3rd in his class. Others students also scored well in their classes and Schools accordingly.
Muhammad Ismail Shahzad3 of my former students scored straight As in a level psychology and one scored an A*
Habiba anwarCan enhance their basic concepts. I have done this.
Moid JavedOne of my students got second position in federal exams after very bad performance in recent year
Rimsha GulzarUmer was my student who achieved 1050 marks in 10 class
Muhammad AhmadMy student Hamza scored 90% in FSc exams
Khan MuhammadRead write and understanding and achieving marks are good
Ali TariqI help many students to get good grades and help them in concept building than to prefer cramming.
Shehzad AliAll my students get good grades and show improvement
ZAIN ALIMany of my students secured admission in Good universities with good merit.
Shahadat AliWhat’s impressive is that Shahadat Ali has a fantastic success track record. Many of his students have achieved great results under his guidance. Shahadat takes pride in helping his students improve their grades and reach their academic goals. For instance, Zainab, one of his former students, secured the 2nd position in her board exams. Another student named Khola Noor managed to score an impressive 92% in her Matric exams.
Khalid IqbalMy Previous Students in Balochistan get admissions In many Institutions all over Pakistan
Iqra AmirForeign students
Tasawur IqbalBest teacher award
AmnaImpressive thing is that she has taught three students and one of them got 2nd position in board and other two got 90 plus percentage marks
Faizan MoosviI have managed to score 91.4% marks in FSC.
Ali AbdullahMy FSC student Has been secured 93% and matriculation Student has Secured 95% marks
Dr UsmanOne of my studend got full mark’s in biology
Mohib AliI will try my best to achieve my students goal and i will never let down my students and my staff.
Muhammad Usman
Syeda AqdasAlright
Abdullah khanMy student Gazeen baloch enhanced their grade from 64%to 90%.
Baqar AbbasLaraib Fatima scored 85 % marks in 2023 matric examinations.Abdul rafay scored 97% marks in 2021 examination and he also scored 87% marks in his first year exams
Bader NaeemOne of the student I taught got 1098/1100 marks in FSc, in 2021. She was very brilliant by herself though.
Shahla ShahidIn O level result many students who were failed In Urdu exams after my guideline they passed with good grade…
Sajawal ZahidFocus on conceptual learning in friendly manner.
Fizza waheed
Warda ateeqMy students score 89% marks and highly satisfied
Rehmat jamilMaria atta 90% in matric one of the my best student
Amna AfzalMs Amna has a fabulous success track record.I helped Ms.Mah Noor from NDU to score A+ in.Economics, Statistic and Computer after taking tutorship from me.
Farhat aminNo
Nageen FatimaGreat results
Shiza AzamI’ve taught in schools and colleges back in my city and I’ve given excellent results in my time period Aggregate if calculated my results were no less than 85 percent.
Faiqa izharCurrently teaching student of BSS of grade 2 and sexcellent English orator and has won prizes.
Zoha KhalidTo score outstanding marks in his/her class
Atif IshfaaqFsc student get 88% ’10 class almost full class up to 78%
Ali HaiderMy students got A and B in A levels
Bilal sharifGood
Aima younasMy all students score 80 to 90 % marks in exams
hibai work on students improvement like of thé students is getting 60 percent marks so i will make him /her able to get more than 80%
M Umair SajidShehryar got Grade A in urdu and
Muhammad Usman AbidinEvery year, my students produce As in their results. Most recently, my students Amna (in 2022) secured A in Maths and Sohaira (in 2023) secured A in both Maths and Physics.
Muhammad Rashid RamzanMy Student Talal got 96% in Fsc Pre Medical last year and I’ve a healthy result habit of my students
Tariq khanMany of my students got more than 90% marks
Zeeshan Mustafa1- Abdullah, one of my former students, secured the top position in his class and secured 90% marks . 2)Raffay Ameen (currently teaching) secured 99% marks in his finals
AmnaMy class 5 secured 80% majority
Muhammad NadeemMany students of me are studying in renowned universities. Also one of my students did top positions in lahore Boardd
Muneeba NoorMy student Isha secured top position in her school.
Noor ul qamarMy SAT Subject Students Got 800/800 in physics
Aiman AshfaqYes
Waqar NaeemMy students topped the boards two times
Nafees AnwarAbdullah Shahid. Pakistan topped in A level
Sufyan AhmedMy student Kamal Ali achieved 89% marks in Matric
Rashid AliMy student Kiran Bibi has secured admission in Wah Medical College.
Saamiyah ChaudharyI have an experience of 2 years in formal setting and 3 years in home tutoring. I have got remarkable response. Students enjoy the friendly and innovative study method focusing on concept building.
Fraz AhmadIn this o level result my students secure A* in mathematics and history exam and also my students have good grade in fsc matric past years
FarahAlhum du lillah students i taught are doing well in their fields. They developed intrest in urdu and performed well in exams
Danish GulI will help students to reach their academic goals successfully
Aroosha85 marks in fsc
Muhammad Moez ShahzadI teached a student who had supply in 2nd year he cleared the supply with 80+ marks. One of my students was bad in chemistry grade 10 he’s got 50+ marks in recent 10th result
Asma SafdarI have taught in an academy and my students passed with 90% marks
Muhammad Ali HassanMy students achieve good marks in their classes almost 75%
Tayyiaba AminI have an ample teaching experience while taking pride in helping students to get confident and motivated to excel in their varied skills .I personally take my students onboard with one on one attention and career counselling as well by working with them on many social and psychological aspects of their personality.I teach inclusively to my students by knowing their specific educational needs and requirements .
Mahad IqbalI have a Good track record. My students from IIUI school have gained positions in Federal Board and Many of them have passed their exams with A+ grade
Benish AbubakarI’ve taught alot of students and they have secured A+ grades in exams
sarwat noreenfahad, one of my student, secured 98% marks
Sara KhanI am a beginner but for sometime in past i had taught some students of 9-10 and junior level for few monhs and they performed really well in their class by securing positions in mid term exams.
AHMAD MAAZ ABDULLAHMy Students are Studying in various medical colleges and engineering universities throughout Pakistan
Muhammad Sajid IqbalZaeem (one of my students) started taking classes by me when he was in 6th grade, He has excellent academuc record in Beacon House Margalla campus and got scholarship from Beaconhouse through his education and then scored A+ grade in Math and Computer in his O Level cambridge exams. Then he also got Straight As in Computer and math in A level too by studying by me and in my supervision .
MUHAMMAD WASEEM SIKHANIMore than 90% passing Rate with Good Grades
Aman ullah90% at school level in my subject
Zeeshan SafdarMy greatest achievement is that i have been teaching Matric level students for 2 years.My students secured good marks,beside teaching i helped my students in their grooming personality and face life issues.
Muhammad Ayan KhurramI have done my A levels at 70% scholarship from The city school.
Muhammad Abdullah Naeemnon
Asad ZaheerAlhumdulillah! In addition to my teaching role, I have also worked with the Federal Board as a Practical Examiner, Sub-Examiner for paper marking, and paper setter. I am proud to have received the Best Teacher Award in recent years based on my students’ outstanding results in the FBISE.